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Before the general commotion which provoked the latest earthquake in Haiti, human beings, we wonder how it is possible that with all the progress that has undergone this century technology, can predict is the same. Mario Araujo, head of the Department’s seismological research of the National Institute of seismic prevention, headquartered in San Juan, Argentina Republic has said that it is because they are not known with precision parameters that interact to cause an earthquake and on a temporary basis to quantify energy that accumulates in terrestrial plate tectonics and when is it going to break the rock to release that energy in the elastic form. Araujo explained that there is a world map of Seismology where are classified all the earthquakes that have occurred and the areas most prone to receive them according to the folding of tectonic plates, but it is not known in that way are deformed such plates to produce the Rocky terrestrial movements that reawakening the seismic movement. The Angel Carbayos, President of the NGO geologist of the Professional Association of Geologists from Spain, said that the energy released by an earthquake of nature that occurred in Haiti, of 7 on the Richter scale, released an energy equivalent to 200,000 kilograms of TNT. Why is able to cause devastating damage to buildings that have no aseismic construction as people. It is able to bury any population. Why geologists insist on prevention should take in the construction of new buildings by making a careful study of the soil, taking into account its resistance and the phreatic passing underneath and using anti-seismic materials.