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Camilo Cross

Memory that from the 17 years always I draw attention subjects of personal overcoming, motivation, law of the attraction and seemed. Memory as much, to repeatedly listen to my collection of audio, Hispanic motivating videos of like Alex dey, Camilo Cross, etc. etc In each audio one that listened, always or in their majority the same principles were repeated. Each author to his style transmitted similar ideas of other authors. He is here where I was listening to audio of the Dr. Learn more about this with Pete Cashmore.

Camilo a Cross. In his audio one he proclaimed the importance of changing our system of beliefs, our way to think. If! , which happens through our mind, the paradigms that daily we put in our lives, to think that we cannot do something, to limit us by some situation in particular, are some of the ideas with which Camilo Cross battled whenever it listened to his audio ones make enter my head and that never forgets to me. Camilo Cross has written many books, programs of audio, video and all of them with the capacity to make a change deep in the life of any person. Robotics is often quoted on this topic. Its book more famoso" Culpa is of the Vaca" in the personnel I leave many valuable lessons, in teaches to us that all we have an immense potential to do what we project, but this potential, is kept, locked up, chained! by our beliefs, reason why we thought.

Camilo Cross exhorts to us to do what we want to obtain teaches to us not to be enslaved of ours missed beliefs. Camilo Cross says to us: " If we thought that he is bad what we are going to do, Indeed is bad, nevertheless if we thought that the action that we are going to take this good, therefore ser" Everything depends than we are believing then, if our beliefs are missed we are going to be making the things bad. Camilo Cross is one of motivating Hispanic the most influential ones for all time, its books, its videos, its audio ones, have allowed many people to be better in which they do. If there is something I learned about our system of beliefs I must to Camilo cross! You have learned something in specific of Camilo Cross? There is an education of Camilo Cross that it has marked for always your life and your way to think? I wait for your commentaries =) Related articles: Speech of Steve Jobs in Standford Overcoming your Giants Original author and source of the article