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As no confused and make sense of this diversity? How to choose your design project apartment? Of course, all these questions is no universal answer, because all people are unique, and hence the idea of coziness and comfort in all different. Some like a light bright design renovation of apartments, and someone more inclined to the classics. So that there can be no consensus, because only you know what kind of design project apartment you want. However, despite all the abundance of opportunities in the creation of the design project of apartments, as in any other case, has its pitfalls. There are many ways to address such issues, such as using different colors in a design project apartments.

One way to create a beautiful design of repairs for rent – use different colors. A well-chosen and well-designed color will create the design required repairs flat mood. Distinguish between warm and cool colors. To apply a warm red and orange colors, as well as all their shades. By the cold – blue, blue, and the whole group of blue-green and blue-violet tones. It is worth noting that the warm intense colors look closer, they are called acting.

Cold is the color seem more distant, therefore they are called receding. When you create an interior of the apartment is first necessary to determine the choice of colors. For of professional architects, designers, engineers use computer software AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3D Studio max. The program design helps to visualize the apartment to pick up the color composition for the interior design flats, as these programs allow you to make a preliminary design photo kvartiry.Steny bear the greatest burden in the color design of the apartment, and are the backdrop for furniture and decorative objects. Quiet background gives furniture a great expression and, conversely, brightly painted walls decorated with a large diversity of produce. If the furniture is massive, it even more impressive it will look in the interior with white walls. With bright walls will be organically combined simple monochrome furniture. By selecting the color should be treated with special care, do not be afraid to experiment with it. With color, you can not only create an aesthetically harmonious space, but such a design Apartments project, which will be satisfied. Now, many companies offer their services for the design of apartments in Moscow, but when ordering such services should carefully review their existing portfolio (Photo provided services).


The same thing happens in the architecture of a particular house, where the repetitive and unique elements are the windows, balconies, decorative ornaments, structural parts, etc. For home phenomenon inevitable. However, in terms of mass construction, with its high-volume industrial and manufactured items, the problem of repeatability and uniqueness of very acute. Large repeat the key elements in the house, and homes in the building, led to the degradation of the appearance of new areas and cities. In today's world is continuously developing a variety of advanced technology industrial house to get rid of the hard "Board" the assembly line and get the individual architectural homes. Spatial location of residential development, as well as a form of house is not only a consequence of their characteristic features.

In these cases, significant impact of external factors. Disposition of residential group shows the impact of topography, wind direction, city planning and landscape attractions, etc. The design of the house, its floors, configuration occur to some extent as a result of the influence of the external environment. Architecture of the home thus becomes a sign of confrontation, the metaphysical relationship between external and vnutrennego.Upotreblenie color has a great tradition in the formation of living environment. The role of diverse colors.

He can nullify a rehash of the building, if you use light colors. Color can be enhanced with architectural details or compositional theme on the building facade. By color can be distinguished facades, or a visual transformation of the volume or plane. At various times the color was a canonical tool of expression architectural style. Often the color scheme is a consequence of the use of certain building materials, having a characteristic color. The color composition and general color is important not only for the individual buildings but also for building. These funds can combine a large number of homes to maintain or create a well-known rhythmic structure. Color can form a distinction between residential groups and neighborhoods. In terms of mass Housing, residential aesthetic expressiveness depends on the perfection of construction. Therefore, understanding the principles of artistic house-building and optimization technologies to suit the aesthetic requirements retains its edge in the work of architects.

Fan Page Traffic System

Possibly like me there was a moment in which you arrived hundreds of emails promoting several courses or software which would generate you thousands of dollars instantly thanks to Facebook and the famous Fan Pages. Before this happen Jani G, Alex Malave & Devin C announced the Get FB Ads For Free system which caused a great stir and the majority of the great were promoting this, but as in any situation not missed those who wanted to make a similar product and so it was. So in a few days there were plugins, software, codes, templates, etc, promising to make an avalanche of traffic, I tried 3 of these systems and I will give you my point of view about this controversy. The product of Jani G sincerely was a scam since although it promised that you were going to generate sales in 20 min it was far removed from the reality at least for novices, since despite giving the template to generate a very manageable Fan Page by the way, never gave instructions to generate traffic, clear unless you pay $200 to be invited to your webinar. By the way this product lasted very little time in the market. Another course was Isocial Academy of Austin Walsh who basically answered all the questions of FB Ads For free in terms of traffic and not just for Facebook, also has pretty good material about other social networks.

The last material you buy on this topic was the Fan Page Traffic System of Roy Fielding that apart from having a very good template for your Fan Page contained all the information needed to begin work on Facebook. So far I have not tried the plugins for WordPress, but soon the hare. Apparently the idea of putting a Fan Page on Facebook is very tempting and there is nothing better to do so since it is currently the largest social network in the world with 500 million users worldwide, and most of these are active users with average of 1 hour per day of use.

The Ceiling In The House As The Sky … It’s Easy !

Plain whitewashed ceiling – this is already commonplace in the modern world, agree. Although you can call it a classic. Still more residents prefer to experiment, to emphasize the individuality of interior, to try something new and fashionable. One such interesting interior design ideas can be called a stretch ceilings "starry sky". Recreated with the help of cloth and light sources, "the sky on the ceiling give an elegant color of the room. Plenty of room for experimentation here is unusually wide, embodiments limited only by imagination. Such suspended ceilings have different decoration features a unique technology lighting design always brings to the interior of the uniqueness and stylishness. You can capture on the ceiling of his room a chaotic scattering of stars or a certain zodiacal constellation, cosmic landscape or signs of falling comets choose a play or a simulation of motion.

Stretch ceilings "starry sky" – this is a work of art, the creation of which requires both creative thinking and great professionalism. Build your home your own "heaven" can be several ways – depending on the desired effect. However, the design principle remains unchanged: a light source and optical fiber cable (sometimes these components are added to fine nozzle). When installing fiber-optic filaments are assembled together with an optical projector, and the ends of the threads on one side mounted on the surface of the ceiling, and on the other – are attached to the projector. Generally, to create Standard effect "starry sky" requires about one hundred fibers per square meter stretch ceiling. But the more complex design – the more the number of fibers. The most complex composition with the effect of flickering Stars line up not using the projector, and thanks to the software control unit.

The block is connected to the led and allows you to recreate the dynamics of the "sky" in the room. If you want to see in the room "Shooting Stars", then installation of stretch ceiling is taken lacquer painting, and fiber-optic filaments, which are then pulled from a cloth to 15-20 inches (sometimes more). If you want a little head thrown back, watch a light scattering of stellar evening, then again deploy the fiber. Only his glowing ends are not running out, and are projected onto the inner surface of the canvas. Well, if you want to make a bright "starry sky", there is need to display tips fiber of the canvas at some millimetrov.Esche one option to create a shimmering sky on the ceiling – it's "implementation" spotlights a small diameter in a sheet. Using a special circuit breaker can be regulate the level of illumination in the room. From a technical point of view, suspended ceilings "starry sky" can be performed across the ceiling surface or on a specific part. They are also easily and harmoniously "Coexist" with other features of the interior lighting. And it is allowed any use of the density of optical fibers, depending on the design solution. In any case, the suspended ceiling "Starry Sky" will be look incredibly mysterious and unusual.