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Infertility IVF

Despite significant progress in the development of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) for the last 20 years no less than half of patients required to complete more than one cycle of IVF to achieve a result – the birth of healthy child. The program "ECO – the child with the guarantee" was developed at the Center for Planning Rebnka to help single women and couples to reduce the financial risk and minimize the physical and psychological costs in the period to overcome infertility by IVF. In Russia, the program is being introduced into medical practice for the first time. A similar service in the world offers no more than a dozen reproduction clinics with the highest effectiveness of overcoming infertility. Code.org helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In this program, the fixed cost of IVF UNLIMITED known prior to treatment, and if no results plozhitelnogo overcome infertility get back money. Note: this program is a financial decision, and it only gives financial guarantees, but no guarantee of pregnancy and live birth.

The program "ECO – a child with a guarantee" gives patients an opportunity to pass unlimited number of IVF programs for a nominal fee in the amount of 395 000 rubles, without worrying that they may not have enough money for treatment. If the patient before reaching the age of 39 will not successfully delivery (the living child), the EDL will refund 100% of the amount paid. Participation in this program will minimize your financial risk because the cost of treating pre-recorded, and allows you to keep your money in case of failure. In a sense, it can be considered infertile couples as "insurance against failure of IVF." Furthermore it is known that over a third of pregnancies which occurred in reultate IVF, threatened miscarriage or end in stillbirth. We are fully aware of what psychological damage this tragic event may cause the patient to ensure the resumption of IVF cycles in the event of such failures. We offer this program in As an alternative financial solution for our patients. We encourage every patient being prepared for IVF, consider this opportunity carefully comparing the benefits of the program "ECO – the child with insurance," with traditional scheme of payment for IVF regardless of the outcome of treatment. No matter what decision you make, it does not affect on the quality of our program to overcome infertility.