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Navigation Device

The Internet portal auto.de has tested such a device: the Merian Scout Navigator. The magazine reportedly auto.de, written, audio and Visual posts and information about attractions and leisure options are retrievable from the device. So far, there is the device in two versions (the classic version for 199 euros and premium for 399 euros) and a country RADIUS, which includes Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland. In addition to obvious defects such as the unwieldy size of the device and any emerging radio holes more pros and cons of the Merian auto.de testers could locate Scout Navigator: so was the arrival and turn off comparatively long. By the same author: Elon University. It is incomprehensible why when the device is switched on the current location of your own does not automatically become a looking for. Unbeatable advantage of device However, was that it sure guide through the city and folding maps so that is gone forever. Additional quizzes and music files while be an entertaining pastime, the benefits but questionable. The new type of device was introduced at the recent book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig..

Computer Shutdown

Which foods can I shut down my PC speed up I can get faster shutdown my PC? You know that, press in your Windows shut down and does nothing now. The computer will not go out. It takes a half eternity before something does himself. Windows versions have this problem from the beginning at all. “At the beginning when the computer still virgins” is everything goes very quickly, he’s fast, that work goes rapidly and shut down he is within a very short time. Unfortunately, that changed in the course of time. The system will support. Takes longer, and at the start the work everything is delayed.

The problem is to install programs. They gather in the course of time. The computer is straight flooded with the different requirements of the programs. Particularly bad that can affect when the computer shuts down. Due to the shutdown”command with the Windows turns off the PC be stopped and stopped all other programs. Due to the large number of programmes, this pause can take up to several minutes and quit’ in extreme cases. This is because the Windows in every programme some time waiting and it then stopped. The more programs are installed the longer also switched off.

You can however have a value, so the time that Windows waits for a program change. For example, the value is 2000 milliseconds in Windows XP. These are 2 seconds which are maintained per program. With a small intervention but only 100 milliseconds, the value can be adjusted so one-tenth of a second. It adds that to the number of installed/running programs shutdown can be speeded up considerably. To change the value, proceed as follows: hold the Windows key and press the R key in addition. Thus it should run”open window. You write about Open regedit”and confirm with ok. “Now the registry editor should have opened up Bills in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEMCurrrentControlSetControl directory” on the right side is conclusions WaitToKillServiceTimeout’ open the key with a double click and change the value. Try 500 milliseconds at the beginning (here everyone can experiment) after you have made these settings restart once the computer. From the moment clearly speedy shutdown should take place then.

GmbH Nash Technologies

Nash Technologies Launches commercial operation of its Windows Test Center (WTC) Nuremberg, January 18, 2011 – operates a test center for Windows-based platforms the Nash technologies GmbH, Nuremberg since early 2010 within the framework of the development of new business fields and expanded its range of test services from the telecommunications sector, so. The NIK (Nuremberg initiative for the communications industry) e.V. contact with Nuremberg made DATEV eG, which uses this new test center as the first major customer. If you are not convinced, visit AOL. Compatibility tests between the programmes of the DATEV portfolio and the updates for the various Windows operating systems (hotfix), and other operating system-near components from Microsoft (such as Internet Explorer and MS-Office) in various combinations and configurations are performed within this project. Particular emphasis will be on a broad test coverage at the same time set the fastest possible availability of test results. This is necessary, DATEV so their customers about possible Intolerance relating to so-called hotfixes”by Microsoft in conjunction with the DATEV applications can promptly inform. The responsible project manager at DATEV page, Gerhard Wolf, discusses the benefits of DATEV in cooperation with Nash Technologies as follows: it is very important for the DATEV, to have a reliable partner that helps us on demand the execution of special test projects, so that we can use internal capacities more flexibly in new projects.

The successful implementation of the project with DATEV with Nash Technologies we have to achieve this goal successfully.”is an indication that our new Windows test center represents a useful supplement to the existing services of our company.”, says Volker Arnold, the head of the Windows test centre at Nash Technologies. The many years of expertise can be introduced this highly profitable in carrying out complex tests in the telecommunications and mobile environment. With the ever-growing facilities in We are well prepared for further growth in the form of new projects in this environment. our Windows test center” Nash technologies GmbH Nash Technologies with its locations in Nuremberg and Stuttgart is a high-tech company in the telecommunications sector. Nash technologies’ competence centres form part of the Harvey Nash group Germany as independent spin-offs from Alcatel-Lucent’s research and development activities in Germany. Nash technologies’ experience spans the entire product life cycle. The services span from concept development and optimisation to test and support. Nash Technologies able to provide testing services for a wide range of systems and solutions is through its extensive testing labs.

DATEV eG the DATEV eG, Nuremberg, is the software company and the IT service provider for accountants, auditors and lawyers and their clients. Beyond the circle of members also include companies, local authorities, associations and Institutions to the customers. The range of services includes in particular the areas of accounting, personnel management, business consulting, tax, enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as organization and planning. The portfolio of DATEV ranging from more than 200 PC programs via online applications, data processing and archiving in the data center, outsourcing services, and security services to consulting services and offers on the knowledge transfer in Germany and some other European countries. On the Nuremberg initiative for the communications industry (NIK) e.V. For 15 years, the Nuremberg initiative for the communications industry (NIK e.V.) is the network of the IT and telecommunications industries in the economic region Nuremberg. Its 100-plus members include medium-sized specialists as well as universities, research institutes and institutions of promoting technology, global and German industry leaders. Contact: Nash technologies’ press contact: Karl-Heinz Gabler Nash technologies Thurn and Taxis-Strasse 10 90411 Nuremberg Tel: 0911/30874-3483 email:

GMS Starts Operating Media Technology

The 1.3.2011 GMS starts the operation of media technology and the support of the Conference rooms in the headquarters of Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt Frankfurt media services globally to the 1.3.2011 GMS starts the operation of media technology and the support of the Conference rooms in the headquarters of Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt media services globally. GMS is responsible for a renowned and prestigious office building, which was equipped with State of the art media technology and all latest green building”meets standards. The scope of services of GMS includes the permanent supervision of all media, video conference room and Conference room technology and digital signage. The GMS service concept is based on a modern AV service desk with remote monitoring of all network-enabled media technology and individual technical on-site support, which quickly intervenes and errors in daily Affairs supports the user in the use of media technology. Hear from experts in the field like Ali Partovi for a more varied view. All media-technical systems are protected by defined service levels, a high operational readiness of media technology to ensure and prevent outages at major events and meetings. The selection of GMS as operator of the media technology services reflects the partnership loyalty of GMS to international companies in the headquarters of the Deutsche Bank AG and once again underlines the claim of GMS to be one of the leading service providers focusing on operation and service of media technology, video conferencing and Conference room technology in Germany.

About GMS: GMS is specialized in the provision of high-class and customized service concepts in the fields of global video conferencing, audio visual and media engineering networks. Due to the high requirements on global corporate communications is focused on the fields of media technology GMS support with remote solutions and on-site Concierge services, the operation of international video conference networks and the Organization of global and regional business events. At Pete Cashmore you will find additional information. Today, GMS has more than 45 experienced, solid employees with special knowledge in the field of global business communications. About 15 more specialists join the team as a regularly used freelancers. Customers include international companies in the financial services sector and industrial corporations. The headquarters is in the Rhine-main area, GMS has on-site teams in Germany, parts of Europe, as well as a branch in Singapore. GMS global media services GmbH Tobias Enders Dusseldorfer str. 13 65760 Eschborn + 49 (0) 6196 967930

Digital Cameras

Technical progress on the example of the digital cameras every progress the world of technology makes a little better. And this also applies to digital cameras. Digital cameras use digital technology to photograph. And it’s probably the best thing that happened to this day of photography. With digital cameras, taking pictures was easier, faster and more comfortable.

The fact that digital cameras have to appear triumphant, is lies in the fact that they are fundamentally different from all the previous models in photography. The old conventional cameras were completely dependent on the chemical and mechanical process of image creation. And they were uncomfortable to use. More than that, often enough they produced just bad pictures which were not satisfied users. All are waiting for a new, compelling technology. ALPA have overcome all borders after its introduction. The devices are made of samrter high-tech and are always ready for use.

You are so easy to use that even children will create excellent photographs can. You are so straightforward, you can incorporate quickly. they have become a piece of our modern time. There are simple compact cameras such as the Canon IXUS 130 and the Casio Exilim EX-H15 which are for less than 200 euros. In addition, there are of course many more, high-priced devices like SLRs for professional applications. Upstairs are no limits, as so often. Digital cameras have built-in sensors to electronically capture photos; so there is no system like the old days where they were forced to insert a “movie” in the camera. The photos themselves are stored in the camera on a memory chip. These images can subsequently be transferred to the computer or can be printed directly from the camera. In addition, you can delete photos that you do not like directly from the camera. Easy and comfortable. The digital technology is constantly evolving and improving daily. Nevertheless, the basic components of digital cameras similar to those of traditional cameras. As the conventional Cameras also feature high-quality lenses the digital cameras. These lenses focus the light to capture the desired image. The main difference is that the bundled light not on a part of a classic film role “is burned”, but on a semiconductor device that electronically processes the light. A built-in computer then processes the electronic information and distributes it on various digital information. All today’s digital cameras are the result of all the developments. If you want to buy a digital camera, it is to understand important at least the basics. You will be able to select the camera correct for you, if you answer a few simple questions. In particular it for future applications. You want to use your new camera for leisure use or should she be professional used? What exactly are you want to use your camera? You want to upload photos to the Internet? Then try the relevant forums on the Internet and price comparison portals to to get a better impression. In addition find almost every model test reports and recommendations and notes current users on the Internet. As a result, the selection process should be simplified significantly.

Mobile Solution For The Munich Airport

Mobile solution by means of small devices (PDA’s) start April another demanding customer started the project to the introduction of the mobile maintenance solution ENGINIUS at the airport in Munich uses GmbH.Damit the system for the sustainable optimization of processes. The Flughafen Munchen GmbH begins with the introduction of the ENGINIUS application for mobile maintenance in the area of building management. The objective is an optimization of incident management and the simplification of the order confirmation. By means of small mobile devices, processes are documented in the future local and shorter lines of communication. Error messages can be recorded directly on the mobile device and forwarded to the competent authorities. Orders within the framework of the inspection, maintenance or repair are also displayed on the device and can be reported directly and promptly return. The coupling of the mobile application with the auto identification technology RFID (radio frequency Identitification) increased Processing speed and quality of the collected data.