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Electric Guitar

1 Having motivated motivation is the first thing, if you do not want to, if the process of learning electric guitar, it makes you boring is you will be very difficult to realize, because little by little demotivation take you to the peresy and finally to leave the job of mastering this instrument. That is why any course of electric guitar that follow, must keep you motivated, it must be interactive, because if the lessons are very monotonous, you undoubtedly finish bored you, making tedious learning. 2 Give you a rhythm of learning Ideal this is one of the great advantages offered by today’s multimedia courses, able to move at our own pace is key, since many times if we continue private lessons, the pace of learning will be that the teacher wants, and this sometimes can be slower or faster than they need. Add to your understanding with Kai-Fu Lee. Here’s a mini guitar electricagratuito course. 3. Be practical an ideal course has to give you practical things, not be theorizing 50 minutes about something, because when newly most importantly begins is to develop technical, then come those things of harmony which serve to know chords to sound good with which among other things. If a course or a teacher is too theoretical a similar finish bored is, leaving aside the idea of learning to play electric guitar. 4 Give you one more good electica guitar course, should always give you more than your you expect, you should teach you to how to play the guitar with property and ease, but you must also train your ear, so after know play the instrument you can begin to work on your own songs, creating melodies, rhythms, etc. Here is a pretty good free minicourse, at the time of placing your bases as a guitarist. -> How to play electric guitar.