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Interview with Germany’s most successful Hall Angelina Angelina Grun to the smart Beach Cup in Dortmund smart Beach Cup in the Westfalen Park (15th and 16th August) attracts some high-profile (Beach) volleyball stars after Dortmund. Like Angelina green. Considered the best German Hall Lehmann (Lehmann of the year”from 2000 to 2008) years. In Italy, a furore it on the volleyball floor and was there with her team of Italian and European Cup champion. She came to the volleyball at the age of eleven at the VC Essen-Borbeck. David Treadwell is likely to agree. Meanwhile, she is 29 and has an illustrious career of volleyball.

Klaus Nagel, head of the smart Center of Dortmund, is pleased as a sponsor of the event, that is Angelina Grun in Dortmund in the sand. As for that she had no time in recent years in addition to the indoor training. ck/’>Sport Hybrid Bikes). She treats them to herself now. “Together with team colleague Judith Pelzer, she wants in the smart Beach Cup spend a nice day”. We asked what this means for Angelina Grun, in an interview.

What allure has beach volleyball For you? Hall sports, you will rarely see the Sun. It’s different at the beach volleyball. Here is one outside in the fresh air and can enjoy the special flair of this trend sport. I hope, by the way, that the Sun is shining. “I have to admit that I have a pronounced nice weather player” am. What would you get at the tournament in Dortmund? Having fun is more important than the success of us this time. Still, we want to give away anything. If we have found only once in the tournament, probably got the ambition grabs us. But the other teams are not to be underestimated. You have provided some training sessions and tournaments in the sand. What is different in the Hall at beach volleyball? We of course have a sophisticated technique through the indoor volleyball as internationals. I’m curious to see how far this can in the sand brings us. Beach Volleyball you can throw so really nice in the sand, even to save a ball. And often even succeed. As Hall players, one is amazed how many Balls still get at the beach volleyball ground. And the flying bodies in the sand are naturally spectacular for the spectators! Judith Pelzer has approached this tournament with you. What do you appreciate about her? A long friendship unites us. We shared a room as a teenager in the volleyball-boarding school. Then we have played long Munster at the USC. We know each other well and complement each other ideally on the pitch. What is beach volleyball as a sport so attractive? Beach Volleyball everyone can play theory in his spare time in the holidays, for example. In some cities, there are now even beach sports complex for everyone in the Dortmund Westfalen Park. I think it’s great.

You Need To Know Facts About Ergometer

Are ergometers already trained more than just simple fitness equipment today? On the home market of sports, there is now a colorful variety of different devices. A few years ago, it was hardly conceivable that you can order these devices online. Now, there are actually a whole bunch of different online stores, which make it easy for the consumer to make an active and meaningful training. Try it yourself easily! With the bike on the coaster did you know, that same technology is being used as in classic launch coasters in ergometers? Same technology is used in theme parks, as well as on the Ergometer. Eddy current brakes should provide a powerful acceleration on the roller coaster, at ergometers, however, the resistance is adjusted using this technology. The resistance can be set at most training devices with the help of the onboard computer. There is no place more clarified so for retailers in no other industry in recent years is the Internet on the rise. While in the 1990s more than half have ordered their trainers in specialized or supermarkets of all customers, the statistics goes in the last 10 years in a completely different direction.

Meanwhile, more than 70% of all training equipment on the Internet are sold. No wonder, because customers have to inform many more on various pages about current test reports. The guilty conscience while the sales figures of many sectors weakened in early January, really start it so after the holidays have season. No wonder, because the bad conscience reports after new year’s Eve and new year’s to word quickly and loudly. At Christmas time you could justify the extra kilos, after the new year but for most people: urgent remedy. Therefore it is not surprising that sales of fitness equipment manufacturers go heavily back in the summer and rising significantly in the winter. Not only quality and service as there are many people who do not quite trust online shopping To want.

Therefore, the service many people plays a major role and should not be taken therefore also lightly. Many manufacturers are striving to improve quality and regularly ask their customers for feedback. The interesting thing here: The positive reviews concern mainly the service and the speed. The device itself is rarely mentioned in the feedback. An increase to the exercise bike many buyers don’t know the difference between a bike and an exercise bike Ergometer. The difference can be crucial. An Ergometer, for example, has significantly more functionality than a simple exercise. Also the resistance setting and the pulse the equipment is much more extensive and complex.