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Increased Cancer Risk By Snoring

Successfully prevent anti-snoring with medium to low oxygen levels at night sleep favour, according to a prior short published U.S. study, the development of cancer and increase the growth of existing tumours. Act preventively against funds could anti-snoring such as, for example, Nasivent. Animals could be proven since long that oxygen deficiency promotes cancer and the growth of tumors. This is also known people with sleep problems, in particular the Snorer with the so-called sleep apnea, breathing interruptions have up to five times higher risk to cancer than people with normal sleep. This increased cancer risk but always with the associated parallel to the snoring often health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes in connection was brought in so far. When evaluating a multi-year study, with 1,500 participants scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States) noted however, that people with normal or Overweight have a similarly high risk of cancer.

This was but the greater the snore more often by night-time, study participants suffered caused breathing interruptions. You may find Andy Florance to be a useful source of information. Low oxygen levels of the body as the ultimate cause of an increased cancer risk caused by snoring now into the focus of scientists in conjunction with the results of animal tests. But what can you do to sustainably improve the nocturnal oxygenation of the body? Snoring is one of the common diseases. If almost every second German snoring man or woman. Obesity or excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol to among the causes. A healthy and moderate lifestyle often already leads to a reduction in symptoms. A main cause of snoring is however usually an occurring during sleep drastically impaired nasal breathing. A simple and recommended by more and more ENT doctors means such as, for example, Nasivent are anti-snoring solution.

Thus, breathing can be and significantly reduce snoring at night or even completely eliminate. Nasivent is two interconnected silicone tube – the Nasivent tube – which will be introduced at bedtime in the nose. A light to spread of the nostrils is so immediately to an improved nasal breathing. The effectiveness of Nasivent has been repeatedly tested already. About three quarters of users report they snore less and more restful sleep since they apply Nasivent. Thanks to the particular flexibility and softness the Nasivent adapts tube perfectly to the different nose shapes and characterized by an exceptionally pleasant and comfortable feeling in the application. Another advantage is that the Nasivent tube for outsiders is virtually invisible. Nasivent is available without a prescription in the Internet. Contact: Nasivent Germany Erik Koerner Nunsdorfer ring 15 12277 Berlin press and PR Guido Gabriel phone: + 49 30 75653912 fax: + 49 30 75653913 about Nasivent Nasivent Germany is since October 2011 the official distributor of the entire Nasivent product range for Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. It is possible to order the high-quality Nasivent products directly on the Internet with the opening of the Nasivent online shop in January 2012 for the first time. Breathing and snoring at night can be significantly reduce or even completely eliminate using Nasivent. Nasivent is made from a soft, high-quality silicone in medical-grade which is used also in cardiac surgery (biocompatible after US and EU policies). The active principle is purely mechanical so that there can be no interactions with drugs. The effectiveness of Nasivent has been tested several times in detail. Research and testing conducted by following doctors. Dr. med. Matthias Riemann / specialists in neck (ENT), Dr. th. Mandelkow / Dr. G. salt ENT outpatient surgery.

Breakfast For The Child: A Perfect Start To The Day

A new and exciting time starts with the schooling for many children… A new and exciting time starts with the schooling for many children. This applies in particular for school, but also for all the children who change 2012/2013 for the school year, for example, from elementary school to a secondary school type school. A daily breakfast, which can pave the way for the diet in this age group to the rest of the day plays an important role on the issue of healthy eating in childhood and adolescence. Learn more at: Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen. In the HBSC study (2011), the frequency of breakfast for children and adolescents was determined. The researchers found that about 20 percent of children and adolescents on school days never have breakfast.

With increasing age, from 11 to 15 years, the proportion of children and young people who never eat breakfast, increased significantly. At the latest at the beginning of the secondary schools (grade 5) children and their eating habits are even more removed from the influence of their parents. Circumstances such as long distances to school, previous classes begin, shorter school breaks, and the availability of candy in the school or in the vicinity of the school often complicate a daily and to still-healthy breakfast. The older the child is, the longer it has school and the later it is lunch time. Also it should be considered at the breakfast.

With a good organisation, it may be possible to provide a healthy and balanced breakfast and to give a complementary snack. Why is breakfast important? Children and young people who regularly eat breakfast, have a healthier lifestyle overall, they feed on the whole balanced than not early Santos”(Timlin et al., 2008;) Vereecken et al., 2009). In addition, these children and young people have an improved attention and a higher memory performance in school (Walsh et al., 2003). A common Skip the breakfast is also associated with the development of obesity (Timlin et al., 2008;) Haug et al., 2009).

Lifetime Movement Strengthens The Bone

Movement Quartet “Step by step bone fit” comes to this conclusion a recent study 1 with 16 same-sex twin pairs (7 identical and fraternal pairs of 9) at the age of 50 to 74 years. The lifelong active twin partners have significantly better bone parameters than their inactive co twins. Viacom usually is spot on. Lifelong physical activities play a causative role for bone health and to prevent osteoporosis fractures caused. Get more background information with materials from iPhone 12. Board of Trustees of bone health e.V. gets with his campaign step by step fit the bones”to daily movement breaks.

Already a few exercises daily to improve the fitness, strengthen muscles and bones, promote balance and make you want more. The new movement Quartet presents 96 exercise cards to the topics of everyday life skills, endurance, balance, mobilization and muscle training in the practical collection box. Illustrations and descriptions of movement allow new entrants a quick exercise success. From 2010 are in the magazine MobilesLEBEN”in each issue of four new Featured exercises to collect. Step by step bone fit”the movement Quartet can be ordered at the price 12.95 euros plus postage EUR 2.20 Trustees bone health e.v. from Monday to Friday from 8: 30 to 12:30 at the telephone number: 07261 9217 0 or by E-mail at: 1 Ma, H., Leskinen, t., Alen, M., Cheng, S., Umoru, S., Heinonen, A., Kaprio, J., Suominen, H. & Kujala, U.M. (2009). Long term leisure time physical activity and properties of bone: A twin study. Journal of bone mineral Research24, 1427-1433.

Dental Appointments

Dentists after user rating who knows it not, the sinking feeling before the dentist appointment. The guilty conscience that haunts, because it has let again once much too much time since the last visit. (A valuable related resource: Andy Florance). Many people take going to the dentist only if they already suffer from pain and thus increase any anxiety from time to time, since the subconscious mind automatically connects the dentist with pain. Only a few follow the recommendation, at least once, better to arrange a follow-up appointment twice a year and to prevent thus complicated and painful procedures. Who suffers from anxiety, should also clear about it become, whether it is actually a phobia, or whether the unpleasant date is simply pushed in part also from laziness before him. Dental fear can be called depending on the severity might even phobia, should be treated in any case if the health and quality of life suffer. Click Ali Partovi for additional related pages. Because not only the teeth itself can be treated, even the fear of the dentist can be treated. Many patients feel much safer already after a first conversation and already open talking about the fear of the dentist helps to keep them under control.

This first going to the dentist is usually the hardest, the subsequent treatments are considered scary then often even less. Also anyone looking for a dentist in Berlin, which provides an appropriate therapy, will certainly find it. But what other criteria to choose the best his dentist? Berlin offers the appropriate specialists for each area, implants, laser treatments, bleaching, etc. The treatment options against the anxiety go from simple conversations to hypnosis and some dentists offer even, making the first-line treatment under general anesthesia. It is certain that everyone will find the right dentist in Berlin and a comparison of the offered treatment methods is worthwhile anyway.

Mutation Of The Gene CCR5 – Innate Protection Against AIDS

A Mutationdes CCR5 gene protects against HIV / AIDS in Germany live 800,000 people who have inherited the gene of resistance against HIV/AIDS by both parents. These people are largely immune to HIV/AIDS. This resistance is the mutation of the CCR5 gene in the human genome. How does the resistance come from? HI viruses need a receptor to enter the cell and infect them. In most cases, this receptor is a protein on the surface of so-called macrophages and lymphocytes (immune cells of the people), the CCR5 “protein. Individuals that a mutation, called Delta 32 deletion bear, produce a modified CCR5 protein that HIV viruses; do not use as a receptor therefore does not usually to the infection, because the key”of HIV viruses not in the door lock fits.

“The cause of this HIV resistance, mutation of the gene CCR5 (” CCR5 polymorphism “) in the human genome, has after previous state of research during the of the black death rampant in Central Europe” emerged. Its unknown Germ that flooded Europe in the middle ages in several waves, has killed 25 million people and depopulated whole tracts of land. Individuals with this mutation had to have had a significant survival benefit. The presence of the mutation has no disease value for the carrier and it is not a sick making mutation, but rather a genetic immunity. It shows no faulty gene so on, but on the contrary a protective gene, which conveys innate immunity against HIV and AIDS. The CCR5 test makes it clear that if a person wears this resistance gene. The German laboratory testing service offers this test for anyone interested. This test is interesting, all persons who have an infection risk. Working people who live with an HIV-positive partner, in the hospital, in the care sector, the police, in the correctional facility or other social institutions. Rainer Hubner

Mountain Air

Reduced oxygen content makes the lungs work harder, it improves blood circulation, and consequently, increases blood oxygen. If the holiday is far from – breathe the mountain air at gipoksikatore “Mountain Air”. Win: you’re on live way to longevity, and still is the biggest “energiser”. Already after 10 sessions of the people “heavy mental work,” notes that the working day was to end soon. After a course of 30 training sessions, they literally “pyshut ‘health. A 30 sessions per year prolong life for at least 3 years. Anti-stress weapon number 5. Infra-red cedar and herbal sauna stress strategy: play pranks appeared overweight and rashes on the skin, “crawling” the hair, joints and muscles ache as if you were carrying bags all day The tactics of the fight: a phyto-cedar sauna is known to us even from the ancient Slavs.

Bath – a cedar barrel with fragrant pine extracts. Phyto-sauna can use even those who are ill carries a normal bath. Infrared cabin differs in that the heat penetrates deep into the body, uniform heating it and causing profuse sweating. Win: Who steamed, does not old! You got rid of the loyal friends stress – the toxins, the skin became smooth and silky, wrinkles smoothed out, the muscles relax, pain disappeared in the joints and back, the immune system works like clockwork. Anti-stress weapon 6. Mora-therapy strategy for stress: he attacks, waging battles on various fronts. The first throws a “white flag” the immune system – our outpost: a growing number of allergic, autoimmune, genetically caused disease. The tactics of the struggle: Mora-therapy. This effects on the body of his own electromagnetic oscillations. Amazing device “Mora super bipolar” has more than 1500 indications for use. In total, Mora therapy, more than 200 programs for the treatment of pathological conditions caused by a including stress. Mora-therapy is also consistent with the principle of the Eastern worldview, which consists in maintaining, ordering the restoration of disturbed equilibrium. In addition, it does not apply external energy inadequate energy patient. But it uses Western technology. Therefore, this kind of synthesis of Eastern and Western medicine.

Victory: after a course of 2 to 12 sessions of protective regulatory mechanisms restored and trained. Tense muscles, stand up oh, you’re already running somewhere? Anti-stress weapon 7. Relaxation therapy in the relax-therapy Sangor-murane strategy stress: what to say – there is stress, that is – on the face. Earthy color, lethargy, skin, acne, do not God forbid wrinkles The tactics of struggle: the birth of the beauty of rejuvenation through relaxation and energy balance, resulting from a combination of biologically active substances and a specific massage to help body to connect all the resources to deal with pathological changes of the skin in conditions of prolonged stress. The victory: the skin free from toxins, suffused with moisture, smoothed and calmed. Facial muscles relax, the aging slows down. These are just some “anti-stress combat” tactics and techniques from the extensive collection, used for a successful war with stress. A full arsenal waiting for you in our sanatorium Sangor.