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LGM Production

In the LGM-casting process to obtain a model means already half a cast, let us consider this in more detail in the light of current trends. Today, the production of high spatial (three dimensional) products, models, forms, master models made of aluminum, wood, MDF, mock-up of plastics and other associated with the rapid development of computer hardware, software, digital data transmission, as well as improving the drive system of machine tools (the use of servo motors with feedback). Production workers today for prices and a wide range of automated equipment has become available with CNC. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dell and gain more knowledge.. CNC supersede any other system management, both at the large automated factories, and the very small, flexible, versatile production (a breadboard model, tool, souvenirs, advertising, repair). This equipment is increasingly used as private entrepreneurs, and serving a broad range of customers specialized areas. For efficient rendering and production of molds, dies, models only need to send them an e-mail three-dimensional image of the product. The indicated availability of computerized systems and CNC served as an impetus for the emergence of a whole class of equipment that allows a drawing to receive details on the computer with the milling CNC ready to mold the metal or its model from polystyrene foam, such as program production, "she allows," the casting shrinkage, as well as allowances for casting and machining. At the same time use the program, that help maximize the potential of these machines with support for 3D-models and turning.

A series of software systems of computer simulation of casting processes to the selection process parameters to develop a design block model 3. Testing of the design of gating and feeding system, temperature and time parameters of the process is not in the shop with the metal on real expensive bathing suit, but in the virtual space of the mathematical model. Short deadlines computer simulations, as well as large volume and clarity of information received on the technological process and as a future castings make computer simulation an important tool for pilot production of an increasing number of factories.

The Russian Market

As it is not sad, our country is in many technological areas lagging behind the west. One of these trends is the use of devices, surge protection, lightning protection (lightning protection) in various industries – from strategic defense objects to the "gentle" medical equipment. To protect the equipment and user input supply of the active equipment necessary to provide special protective devices. These devices divert surges in power lines from sensitive electrical equipment on the ground. To solve this problem, we developed a variety of technologies. Today in Russia, mainly applied as follows: Spark gaps, Parallel connection of varistors, Combination of varistors and surge arresters.

However, none of them is not optimal. Consider the problems that facing traditional techniques of lightning protection (lightning protection), Spark gaps. Despite the fact that the protective device using spark gaps can withstand high current overload, this technology has some significant drawbacks. To trigger the device to a high value transmitted by the voltage (kV), resulting in damage to the equipment being protected. The intensity of the spark that occurs during conducting state, often causes interference and leads to a malfunction of nearby electrical equipment. Residual currents lead to disruptions in power and, therefore, unpredictable in the equipment. -Parallel Connection of varistors.

These protective devices used by several varistors based on metal oxide that are connected in parallel to obtain high current values overload. These varistors have low thermal stability and are easily damaged due to thermal wear. Electrical characteristics of varistors connected in parallel are not identical, which also reduces their time service. These devices are designed to use an internal fuse, tripping a safety device with strong momentum in order to avoid ignition and explosion. -The combination of spark gaps and varistors. To improve overlooked voltage spark gaps, some manufacturers use spark gaps and varistors with the trigger circuit. Although nominally these devices can withstand stronger pulses, laboratory testing and field trials have shown that difficulties arise in connection with different time response characteristics of arresters and varistors. Several years ago, was created new concept of protective devices – surge suppression module Strikesorb. These devices are successfully withstand high current overload, repeated lightning and thunder, pulsed voltage, in This performance devices remain unchanged for several years. Strikesorb modules are used in surge suppression devices Rayvoss (UPIP), which may have different configurations and provide unparalleled lightning (lightning protection) of various low voltage electrical equipment from surges. Strikesorb modules and devices UPIP Rayvoss manufactured in production and are widely used Raycap around the world. One of the objects of these devices are complete electric installation is carried out on the production of "SPIC SZMA" under license from Toshiba. Thanks to this equipment the acquaintance of "SPIC SZMA" with products Raycap and December 2006 ACNP SZMA became the official distributor in Russia Raycap. Now and in the domestic industry has the opportunity to use the products, which trust world's leading manufacturers (Siemens, Alcatel, Toshiba, Emerson and others). Expensive equipment requires a large investment, but it can very quickly be damaged in case of lack of appropriate suppression devices Pulse voltage, resulting in revenue loss and important functions. Investment decisions on the purchase Rayvoss, based on the use of technology Strikesorb, allow customers to continue to profit at the expense of business continuity equipment during operation under various adverse conditions.

Asphalt. Reliable Pavement

Any related pavement types of jobs these days are not possible without using the asphalt. This kind of material for more than a century and a half retains top position among all the used types of road surfaces. At including ways to create over time only become better. Just making such material as asphalt and at the moment is really the best road. It is known that asphalt – a product of nature. Only a man of his slightly improved. What we have today refer to as asphalt, in practice it turns asphalt mix, which combines the best features durability, resistance to physical action, and environmental safety. The current asphalt mixture are endowed not only important indicators of stability and longevity, but also accumulate a heavy metal impurities, which is the exhaust from cars and other rc.

Therefore, it is possible to argue that the asphalt performs a significant role cleanse the environment. Issue asphalt mixtures is now provided as to industrial enterprises, including through mobile industrial plants which are capable of making different amounts and, therefore, not the same name. For example, most medium-sized construction and road asphalt mixing organizations use the installation. In fact its own ACS – is a small industrial complex, which is required for transformation of various elements in the proper asphalt mix, which can be put in the role of a street or other covering. Mixing asphalt devices are vital to any desired firms that engaged in construction of highways. In the same way as normal concrete, the mixture of asphalt and concrete should be laid for a limited period after creation, otherwise it hardens and loses flexibility needed for installation. C On the other hand, for the many road-utility companies, working away from major industrial plants, more able to approach the asphalt plant equipment, which may be in effect for this set of manufacture of asphalt. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. Another very recent transient asfaltoproizvodyaschie plants in our market of industrial equipment can be found exclusively foreign manufacture. However, to date at our market, there are asphalt-producing facilities in our industry, and not at all inferior in quality to foreign similar models. Methods of construction and asphalt are improved over time, creating a road surface more durable and reliable.

New Satel Keyboard

The Polish company has released a touch-sensitive keyboard Satel INT-KSG to control the operation of fire alarm systems on the basis of alarm control panels Series Integra. The new keyboard has a large display, functional keyboard with the ability to call alarm, "Fire," "Attack," "Help" and four programmable buttons for feeding macro-commands, each of which can activate up to 16 different functions, allowing to implement complex algorithms management of security and fire alarms. In addition, INT-KSG able to control the 2 soft zone with the ability to determine the status of the terminal resistors. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Touch keyboard INT-KSG enables you to configure and management of the alarm control panel series Satel Integra, which are capable of serving from 4 to 128 zones alarm system object. In this keyboard allows you to add security and fire alarm system has two Programmable zone to existing ones, with the proviso that the total number of protected areas does not exceed 128. The setting of the keyboard itself can be carried over the network via specialized software interfaces DLOADX. To deepen your understanding Robotics is the source.

Easy touch panel INT-KSG simplifies system management. From the keyboard, you can configure the fire alarm system within the framework of the functions that are available in the user menu, to initiate an alarm, etc. Prolonged contact with the keys allows you to implement a series of actions programmed by the manufacturer. Thus, a key zone status provides validation of the fire alarm system, 5 – view alarm memory, pressing the 6 on The list of accidents, and 7 – the current, etc.

Machine Control

Management system within machining will provide feedback through the drive microprocessor control system. Along with inductive measuring systems intended for use in optoelectronic machines, holographic and laser systems. Achievable positioning accuracy of the machines normal accuracy will be 1 mm, and the precision machining – 0,05 mm. Perenalazhivaemost tools (flexibility) – is the ability of their rapid conversion to manufacture of various products or to perform various operations with respect to the rapidly changing production requirements. The most common area to provide a machine perenalazhivaemosti use in their CNC systems such as CNC, built on the basis of a computer (microprocessor, mini or micro) with a color screen.

Software control of the computer provides a reduction of time for retooling equipment, automation preparation of the control program (in many cases it is performed on a lathe worker, during the processing of another piece), the ability to handle complex parts having a curved surface. ings is the place to go. Additional functions such as CNC control systems are overloading the machine control, stability and integrity of cutting tools and machine tools, etc. The flexibility is achieved by equipping them with a variety of systems and devices, reduces the time for readjustment and significantly extending the technical capabilities of machines. These include instrumental shops and turrets to change the cutting tool, the system load and unloading tables of satellite stocks, the use of industrial robots, overhead tool heads, multi-spindle heads, program-controlled plansupportov, special fixtures, and many others mechanisms. These additional devices include hydraulic and electrical circuits of the machine, as well as in software and control system.

ARMO Systems

The company "ARMO-Systems' customized software provided the French company Streetlight.Vision, that can be used to remotely control street lights, based on the technology of LonWorks. Other leaders such as Kai-Fu Lee offer similar insights. In composition of the new software includes a module for gathering information and filling the database (Data Collect) and six Web-based applications for monitoring and management. Streetlight.Vision may collect and process data from a lamp lighting ballasts, analyze this information and automatically identify potential fault set graph brightness svetilnikv to reduce their consumption of electricity, as well as keep records energy to make payments to suppliers and customers. You may want to visit Kai-Fu Lee to increase your knowledge. Besides the economic benefits of lighting control system based on Streetlight.Vision can improve road safety and a positive effect on environmental conditions in the city. The main task of data analysis is StreetLight.Vision with intelligent ballasts, and reporting to the list of faults in the lighting system of the city and the volume energy consumption.

This allows the dispatcher to receive complete and timely picture of the efficiency of lamps and a desk on-site inspection. Because of this, automated street lighting can significantly reduce the time for fault detection and replacement of lighting fixtures, and provides additional security for road users on the streets. Feature of the software is StreetLight.Vision opportunity to work with ready graphic screens, built on the base map of the city. All screens are automatically generated in real time using data from the central database and lighting systems allow you to track the current the status of each lamp and operative to control the brightness of street lighting in general.

Italian Technique

Itlyanskaya machinery and construction technologies deserve great attention from those looking for quality products and equipment for long-lasting, and most importantly stylish and original construction projects. Not We will not go into details, but you'll have to write (and you read), as the saying goes' to the loss of pulse. " Specifically, working with the best Italian companies in the construction and repair. Can offer to supply in Russia and the CIS any goods from Italy, at the price of the manufacturer, and even at a discount. Are you interested? Well if not, then you can stop reading. And to understand and to appreciate the quality of people, we can say the following: contact us because we are in Italy, we are an Italian company put the best Italian products. Warranty made in Italy.

For example, the tower cranes. They are very much in the Russian market, offers weight. Whom to choose? Whom to believe? Professionals, of course! Our company can offer you the tower cranes for building construction, as well as for low-rise building directly from the leader of the Italian crane construction RAIMONDI. This is the first in Europe producer, who offered the cranes 'flat top', that is, flat top, topless. It is a leader because the brand has long recognized and RAIMONDI preferred in many countries, including Russia. Raimondi technique works on the most prestigious objects of the world: Dubai, Milan, Istanbul, Monte Carlo, Sochi, Moscow.

Our company will offer you the best possible terms, any Italian products and Italian equipment. We work directly with factories, no middlemen. Our commission pays the supplier. You pay a real price for a quality Italian goods. What else do you need? Sincerely, your agent in Italy


Concrete – this is an artificial stone matepial that polychaetcya of patsionalno podbipayuscheycya smesi vyazhyschego agents, fillers and additives oppedelennyx c vodoy after fopmipovaniya tvepdoy ctpyktury. Klaccifitsipyyut this building on matepial vidy and kolichectvennomy codepzhaniyu ppimenyaemogo vyazhyschego veschectva. Total klaccifikatsiya building concrete construction concrete can be ppigotovlen on neopganicheckih and opganicheskix vyazhyschix veschectvah. In asphalt concrete and plastbetone icpolzyyutsya opganicheckie vyazhuschie. And takix vidax concrete kak tsementny, lime, gypsum concrete, and heat-resistant kiclotoypopny, icpolzyyutcya neorganicheckie vyazhyschie matter. Naibolshyyu popylyapnoct imeet cement, kotory in bulk from zavicimocti maccy delitcya ocobo to heavy (over 2500), heavy (from 1800 to 2500), light (500 to 1800) ocobo and lightweight (less than 500). Syschectvuyut cledyyuschie mapki concrete Firmware least vozpastaniya prochnosti: M100, M150, M200, M250, M300, M350, M400, M450, M500, M600, M800, extra-heavy brand of concrete M400, MZ50, MZ00 icpolzyyut for protective soopyzheny, THEIR produce ppeimyschectvenno nA poptlandtsementax and ickysctvennyx or bioclimatic zapolnitelyax (limonite, magnetit, bapit, obpezki apmatypy or chygynny ckpap). Zavodah usually made at this building matepial mapok from 100 to 400, so kak bolee prochnye primenyayutcya Construction ochen seldom.

Structural concrete mapok M200 and M100 lightweight concrete manufactured on the matter and gidravlicheckom vyazhyschem popistyh zapolnitelyax, lightweight concrete used various kinds of naimenovaniya kotopyh zavicyat vida ppimenennogo zapolnitelya – claydite, vermikulitobeton, perlitobeton, pemzobeton, and tufobeton dpugie. By ctepeni and stpyktype zapolneniya intergranular ppoctpanctva data types are divided into conventional lightweight concrete, lightweight malopeschanye, lungs and kpupnopopictye legkie cement concretes c kamnem, porous at pomoschi gazo or penoobpazovateley. Shipoko ppimenyatsya began building concrete M100, M150 and M200, M100 concrete stamps are made to graviynom, lime and gpanitnom schebne. This matepial used in ocnovnom, DURING ppovedenii podgotovitelnyx pabot peped fill monolitnyh fundamentov plates. Also, dropped into this mapku ppimenyayut at izgotovlenii floors, screeds, under fyndamentov nebolshie coopyzheniya, pouring concrete sidewalks, construction of concrete dopog in kachectve podyshki and ystanovki bopdyupa. Structural concrete used in the M200 mapki ocnovnom for izgotovleniya concrete ctyazhek polov, fyndamentov, otmostok, dopozhek etc. In individyalnom construction, concrete strength mapki M200 vpolne enough to pesheniya mnogix ctandaptnyh construction tasks: slab, strip and pile-poctvepkovye fyndamenty; izgotovlenie podpornyx walls, concrete lectnits, dopozhek, ploschadok, otmostok etc.

At JBK kombinatax and concrete products Concrete zavodax etoy mapki do nappimep, dopozhnye plate. As well as the M100, M200 ppimenyayut dopozhnom in construction, concrete kachectve podyshki and uctanovki bopdyup. M200 is the most concrete and pacprostpanennaya mapka y Many ppedpriyaty is lidepom prodazh. Ppoizvodctvo concrete stamps to M200 may gpaviynom, izvectkovom and gpanitnom schebne. In ppodazhe M100 and M200 mapki, chasche all imeyutcya with the mobility of P1-P4 and R1-R4 stiffness.