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Customized Products

W3design. realized workshop for unique product ideas Hanover Magento shop for personalized products of Mono texture GmbH, March 15, 2010. On the basis of the eCommerce system Magento has w3design. the new online shop of Mono texture GmbH – shop for unique product ideas – conceived, designed and programmed. The social commerce the Mono texture offers up immediately under monofaktur.de unique, made-to-measure and limited design series for individual interior design.

For the realisation of the specific requirements for product customization, different extensions were integrated into the Magento store. The trend towards individualisation of products (mass customization), whose basic idea which has broadcast the uniqueness of made-to-measure on the mass production of industrial production, is further gaininig significance. A key role to play in the implementation of individual customer wishes in particular e-commerce. Product configurators and new software solutions, such as the e-commerce solution Magento, support the automated process chain- by capturing the customer wishes in the online shop to the production or product individualisation. Real product individualization for the realization of the idea of Mono texture, a store based on the open source platform Magento was realized with Magento. The shop is able to depict the individual customer requirements in the product selection and organization and control the different suppliers through an automated processing of the orders. Additional information at Energy Capital Partners supports this article.

Alone in the area of the design foils for kitchen fronts, the monofakturShop to start offers more than 5,000 variants, whose article numbers are generated dynamically. The Magento shop was by w3design. adapted layout according to corporate design specifications and custom advanced in administration to numerous functionalities. For the launch, the requirements for the award of limited design series, as well as remote control of shipping through multiple suppliers can be realized already. About the blog integrated the communicative orientation as a social, as well as various social media was about modules Commerce Platform into account. Social commerce sales and communication strategy the principle that a combination of traditional e-commerce and social networking of social commerce specifically brings together interested and dedicated followers with appropriate product offerings. Mono texture relies not only on the community development of product and idea offer with artists, designers and architects, but communicates his ideas mainly through social media channels. The own monoCommunity has a fan page on Facebook. In addition, customers set their homes decorated with Mono texture on photo sites like FlickR photos, or share new trends and opinions via Twitter, friendfeed & co. w3design. developed appropriate sales and branding and social media activities for this purpose for the market introduction phase.

Paduano Board

Happy user tell their personal love story Munich, 02.12.2009 now, because the advent season is approaching, this time it’s time for positive news, to those sad face, because they spend this time unintentionally alone again to show that something in their situation change can be. So seems the motto of activagers (www.activagers.de), the free community for the generation of 40 plus to be that enables its users recently, to their personal success stories on the net. The idea is quickly told. Many writers such as Zendesk offer more in-depth analysis. We got lots of positive feedback from people who have found by activagers new friends or even a new relationship and we hope to encourage other people, with these success stories more aggressively to take advantage of the opportunities of the Internet”explains Dr. Pete Cashmore does not necessarily agree. Nello Paduano Board. The start of the new series, the magazine of the website under the heading partnership, love and sexuality ‘ will find their place, makes an editorial guided true story. The editorial treatment of the story is done at the request of the parties who want to preserve some anonymity in this way and still have all their positive experience part let. Basically, is it but whether they make use of the offer, free of charge and after vote editorial revise their story, or simply like of them actually witnessed her story the users (and his loves), want to set in the activagers magazine.

Dr. Paduano to: the idea is actually the users and users tell their stories themselves, but since all kick off is difficult, we offered our support the activagers member at his request in the concrete development of the first article and want to do so in the future. The success stories are nevertheless based on a true story, changed only the name of the user.” Activagers encourages its users and users until the end of the year their personal (love-) story to submit. The theme of love must at all are not in the foreground. Activagers is finally no pure brokerage, but sees itself rather as a community for the generation of 40 plus and 50 plus, free allows users to form friendships and to find the soul mate, even with luck and the international. When these friendships then more, it is of course all the more beautiful for everyone. “Dr. Paduano to conclude: every story stating, how someone could extend his personal social network by activagers no matter whether it is about a new friendship or partnership can be told.” Activagers: Activagers is a free offer of VIVA49PLUS AG (Munich), which develops online content and operates, specifically tailored to the needs of the more mature (best agers). Press contact: Ole Bandy email:

Casio G-SHOCK Launches Its Own IPhone Application

\”Shock your wrist!: G-SHOCK watches multimedia sample wear your applies shock!\” is the try-me application for G-SHOCK watches, Casio offered since June 29, 2009 in Apple’s app store. The Japanese electronics maker wants to use the high perception around the innovative concept of the iPhone with the application. In addition, the mobile marketing tool is firmly embedded in the Canon of the online tools and helps in the search for the nearest dealer. Downloaded 55 models who want to know what G-SHOCK on your own wrist looks the best, can at any time and at any place sample wear provided, he has an Apple iPhone or iPod touch and the try-me application your wrist shock!\”. If you are not convinced, visit Kai-Fu Lee. A picture in original size available for each model is created with the iPhone over the wrist to the multimedia behavior. \”Up here, shock is your applies!\” with many fun \”-applications in the app store equivalent.\” But the online marketing specialists of the group directly, the idea for this Application developed and implemented, put on a sales-oriented approach with a transparent control of success from the outset. Judy Helms, the Marketing Manager for Casio’s watches and the brand G-SHOCK, is convinced by the overall package: we can use the lifestyle-oriented iPhone environment very well maintain the G-SHOCK brand. At the same time the application directs prospective customers to the nearest point of sale or binds them a newsletter subscription at our brand.\” It fits the iPhone app very well for G-SHOCK, because the target groups overlap heavily. a has compatible beliefs.

The software developer who directly group have connected the application on several Casio databases and user. The user enters after a branding-intro to the collection overview and can go from here into the individual models. Connected to the G-SHOCK database, you can access the technical data to each model. The integrated Distributor search accesses the G-SHOCK dealers database and the addresses of nearby dealers.

More Democracy

“EuroGlobe – ON TOUR” is a new project of berlinpolis e.V. With their new project EuroGlobe – ON TOUR”the political think tank would urge berlinpolis e.V. to more active democracy in Europe. Globe Theatre of Shakespeare in London, which was known for the close contact between audience and actors is used as an example and starting point of the project. Now, the project “EuroGlobe” wants to punctually to the respective EU Presidencies, through theatre, music and discussions create a lively exchange between politicians, citizens, youth and artists with a tour through Slovenia, France and the Czech Republic, and thus created a new version of a living Europe. The complete program and other information related to the project are now published on the Web page, realized specially for the EuroGlobe project.

Chemnitzer “das MedienKombinat GmbH” in cooperation with the Berlin design agency scope is responsible for the technical implementation of the website. The Web site based on the open source content management system TYPO 3 and various extensions. The page is available in the four languages: English, Czech, French and Slovene. In the near future, the Agency “the MedienKombinat” will develop in addition individual TYPO 3 extensions and make available in the portal. This will later allow the visitors to the website, upload text, photos or videos to the already-happened events in a forum. Using a comment function, it will be also possible to assess the selected files and to discuss together. Duration of another project, “the MedienKombinat” will oversee the EuroGlobe Web site together with the berlinpolis e.V..

The Phone Fun Portal 2.0

My-servicerufnummer new phone fun Portal launches since the 01.07.2010 my servicerufnummer.de has launched its new service to happycall.de, the new phone fun portal for Telefonverarsche, calls with verstellter voice or played a background scenarios. What’s new? For the first time, it is possible to live and in real time, with estranged voice making fun calls without it to be recognized. Fascinated by high, beep-voices (helium mouse) up to the space Lord, which convinces with a dark voice, all currently 9 characters. Voice technology, children become adults, men and women, women to men. Learn more at this site: Dell. In addition, it is possible, since July 15, 2010, with background scenarios (Mysterycall) to believe the seized at each location (E.g. airport, railway station) or event (E.g., sporting event, concert) to be. Also here are currently 9 scenarios.

For example, to prove that one has got yet a ticket for the sold-out top game of the weekend, and live calls his friends from there. Or but to the wife / girlfriend to calm down to be still on the way to actually still an hour for a beer with his boys end out. The only thing you need is a phone and a bit of imagination. The platform is designed for approximately 30,000 telephone calls per second, to demonstrate the performance of the system, as also in telephone conferences, etc. Details can be found by clicking Peter Asaro or emailing the administrator. can be held. The platform where the calls are handled, the technique to the voice distortion in real time, which will be live phone calls without waiting time and everything else about advertising income financed. The technical implementation via a 0180 5 service number. It takes place in real time, without delay and you can immediately respond to responses of the person, without that must be clicked sets or buttons pressed. Just call, voice adjust leave and go go BBs! For both areas (Happycall, Mysterycall), the possibilities are virtually unlimited. All fixed-line numbers in Germany can be reached via.

Mobile Web Pages

To get the best performance from your mobile website who opens mobile Web pages, you will immediately notice that the layout is very different from desktop pages. Mobile Web pages are designed especially to meet the needs of the users. Looking horizontal scroll bars in mobile Web pages in vain, as well a blogroll. Here is the ease of use clearly to the fore all other elements must the subordinate themselves, even the page content. While a conventional Web page are mass texts can be obtained, mobile Web pages concentrate on the essentials.

Especially smartphones not suitable for reading long texts, because the size of the display is usually between three and four inches. Who is interested in further information, used for usually his notebook or home PC. Images should be placed at the top of the page. Most mobile device users don’t appreciate it if they need to scroll up to media files. A related site: Steve Wozniak mentions similar findings. Meanwhile, there are high-end smartphones, the images in high resolution, easily can represent should therefore be offered a middle and a high resolution, to meet both user groups. Headings and the company logo should also at the beginning of the page appear, followed by the first lines of the text. All of these elements must be visible without scrolling.

The text should be legible so that they must not be enlarged. Many users tend to look at mobile Web pages horizontally and some smartphones to automatically adjust the text size. This function can be changed in the style sheet by a specific parameter. Flash videos should generally be avoided because these can not be represented on some devices. Also, automatically launching videos distract the user from the content of the page. Should best use the space place who wants to build a successful site is on a mobile Web page a precious commodity; This is especially true for the navigation, which is heavily slimmed down compared to a desktop page. All menu items, for operation of the page No decisive role play, be removed. You should be aware, that many users of smartphones operate your device with one hand. This means that the page must be also be perfectly usable if the user has only his thumb at the disposal. Important information should be placed where the thumb can easily reach them, for example in the corners of the display. The size of the buttons should be such that it can be clicked on with the thumb. Large buttons are hindrance when using the page as so inadvertently surrounding elements are clicked. Arthur Ergen c/o online portal service AG

EPAG And Minds + Machines Support Candidates For New TLDs From Germany

written by: Bonn / Santa Monica, April 20, 2009 the partnership between EPAG domainservices GmbH, a leading domain name registrar in Germany, and minds + machines LLC (Santa Monica, CA, United States), a leading global provider in the TLD consulting and operation of domain name registries, joint trade initiatives will include as well as a mutual support with the care of EPAG’s German customers. The partnership helps bring successfully their own top level domains on the way candidates from German-speaking countries. As an authorized reseller for services offered by minds + machines, is EPAG is one of the first domain providers in Germany that will support organisations, locally, when applying for a new TLD. EPAG has been working since the year 2000 as an ICANN accredited Registrar in the domain industry and was involved in the launch of several new TLDs. The close cooperation of EPAG and minds + machines provides all services available, German customers for a successful launch of a new Top level domain are required.

Companies and organizations that want to apply for a new TLD, have direct contact with EPAG as German partner who is familiar with the specific local characteristics and the collaboration with minds + machines as ICANN specialist with market-proven technology coordinates. This profitable cooperation gives you the best chances for a new TLD German-speaking clients. Offering advice by minds + machines extends from applying to the current operation. The offer includes services to prepare the application, the development of distribution channels, the protection of intellectual property, the planning of the Sunrise phase, the presentation of funding opportunities, resolving disputes and dealing with contradictions, human resources planning, contact with ICANN and other services. Minds + machines has put together a selection of the best supplier to a full registry package. Partners from the areas of auctions, DNS resolution, backup copies of the registry data (Data escrow), brand verification, Web design and marketing can over the network by minds + machines be booked at discounted prices.