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Dating Online

Dating on the Internet – a relatively new phenomenon in our lives. People from the generation who are over thirty, most of them do not even know what it is. Young people, on the contrary, in all the uses of information technology advances the new century. Several years ago, dating through the Internet were more exotic. Today the phrase 'I'm with him on the Internet met' nobody is not surprising. It must be noted that societal attitudes to Getting through Internet is very ambiguous and contradictory. Some spend on dating sites all their spare time and can not imagine my life without icq.

Others believe that dating online can attract only a notorious people who can not find a place in real life and therefore create their own virtual reality. Both views are polar in nature, and hence, the truth lies somewhere in between. The main advantage of dating Internet is that you can be yourself. The World Wide Web attracts those who do not want to be like others. Despite the declared democracy in our society, it is the contrary, very totalitarian.

Public opinion and fashion imposed on us a lot of stereotypes, and to deviate from them should be a strong spirit of man. This season, in order to look sexy, girls should wear short tops and narrow breeches. Men should go to the gym and drinking beer in bars after work. Cheap phone is not fashionable. Rnb that's cool. Armani – cool. Sasch – not fashionable.


The good news is that with death in MuOnline lost only experience to reach the next level, and the level is not reduced. Therefore, death is the character unpleasant but not fatal. The system of PvP (player vs. player) In MuOnline can attack other players (PvP), arranging the whole carnage! But after several murders nickname of the character will be red. Killer (PK) will not go unpunished. First, the murderers can kill 'decent' players getting paid for it the status of hero. Secondly, the killer during his or her death may lose one or more items from your inventory and a significant part to gain experience. Thirdly, pk lose the ability to teleport between cities, which appears after level 50.

But despite this, the killing of players to each other are common in the world mu Online. After all, they have something to share – things that experience, the place for hunting and just the glory of the valiant warriors. Therefore, the battles take place often and everywhere. Harnesses enough to spend some time in the game to draw attention to the abundance of shiny things and weapons. Many characters things enticing sparkle or shimmer with rainbow colors. The fact is that mu Online is represented excellent upgrade system that is improving things. You can improve any thing, you just have to have jewels (jewels), which is very rare drop from monsters. These stones are so valuable that they are kind of currency in the game. But alone is not enough rocks, you need more and good luck.