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Healers And Healing

Since ancient times our ancestors with great care gathering grain by grain all that has been used successfully for healing. Check out Samsung for additional information. Be it material or spiritual cures. To restore the functions of the human body all good. Traditional healers were treated with: herbs, aromatic substances, diet and massage. For healing was also used music, dance, song, crystals, water, fire, acupuncture, speech, silence or noise, palms. Healers were treated as in the distance, and it alone, and even a group of people. At present, despite the modern technology and pharmaceutical software, health fiasco before chronic diseases and deadlocked with antibiotics.

Irreparable harm to humans causing a glut of his body with drugs and allergic reactions to them. At the same time, each of us is faced with the facts, when doctors can not to explain the healing of their patients, they put deadly diagnosis. However, later acknowledged that there was an inexplicable healing science, which has no scientific explanation, or claim that was raised misdiagnosis. All of the above facts compel a person suffering from disease of body or mind to find ways of healing in traditional medicine. Sacrament is surrounded by one of the oldest methods of treatment: Spiritual or Spiritualist healing. It is also known as Psychic, Bio-Energy, therapeutic touch, Reiki, or prana. Names of many, but the essence is. At the time of extreme need, help comes either directly patient, either through special people, healers, in the form of impalpable human feelings or modern instrumentation power or cosmic force.

Silicon Systems

Election 'bonding' ability to colloidal Silicon Systems is unique. Kai-Fu Lee insists that this is the case. By studying the anatomy and physiology, we pay most attention to calcium. Contents ka-ltsiya in the human body is really high. But he's in content and in its properties is far from silicon. Total 2.96%.

Calcium – the main element of hard, bony structures supporting-Engine lnogo apparatus. Silicon is an element that defines the properties of flexible structures, connective tissue, tendons, wall vascular and gastrointestinal tract, the periosteum, cartilage and synovial fluid of joints. Particularly sensitive tissue – valves, sphincters gastrointestinal tract, the check valves in the system of veins, the cardiovascular system – wherever works very fine valve Automatic, on guard precise execution of its genetic program operates more subtly perceive schy-brain signals element germanium (eka-silicon). Particularly rich in silicon nails, hair, human skin. Virtually all the disease-ed called organs occur only when the silicon shortage. Calcium, as more and more 74 elements, is not absorbed if the body lacks kremniya.Snova look at the composition of the crust in the 'living matter Zemli'Soderzhanie Silicon – 29.5%, calcium – 2.96%.

Silicon found in sand, clay, pebbles, water, mud. mud, plants, more than just a grain, root crops, etc. Silicon is present in the soil. Lack of silicon in the soil makes it barren. It unable to accumulate the energy from the sun and give it to the growing plants. This can only kremniy.Lyudi, studying the nature of 'living substance' man, gave his attention entirely carbon (10-2%) and its compounds, and have not noticed Si (29.5%), animating, inspiring all live mir.Polya that do not contain silicon, are infertile. Living in a human-agency body calms down when the silicon content in it decreases and is not replenished in a timely manner due to power supply. The blood is 8-10 times clearer. Bilirubin is reduced and the cost of silicon on adsorption of toxins umenshayutsya.Vodnye solutions herbs and fees on a silicon water is much more efficient than conventional water-wire. Silicon water-nyayut applying for home canning-tion to improve the quality of products. Cut flowers and greens retain freshness longer in the silicon vode.Kusochek flint attached to the wound, quickly stops bleeding and promotes its rapid zazhivleniyu.A today he is ready to present himself to people as a stone that can 'revive' the modern water, nature and man.

Health Under Technology

Current models of electronic scales allow us not only as accurate as possible to determine the weight, but also calculate the percentage of body fat and body water. These indicators are important when planning exercise and proper diet. Added convenience of modern technology – built-in memory to personally see your progress. The latest technology automates, simplifies and accelerates procedures for measuring blood pressure. Automatic digital sphygmomanometers can accurately measure blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) and pulse. Built-in memory allows you to monitor measurement indicators over time and determine your biological cycles. The analyzer of the heart – a device for cardiac monitoring Kardiochek is designed for people who require cardiac constant monitoring, athletes, elderly people. Kardiochek records, stores and analyzes heart rate curve for 10 seconds. Use of this product, taking into account the observations of your family physician will allow you to monitor changes in cardiac activity and facilitates the diagnosis. With the latest technology, your health is now under strict supervision!