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Data Security

Data security in an enterprise is certainly something very important, is something that can not be neglected is that every day and everything is more and more computerized, this has been a long time and have backup systems. No doubt, we must make an effort when it comes to protecting data, the mechanisms used, software and media used are the first step we take, but … BDT Capital Partners is full of insight into the issues. Is that enough? certainly, not to protect thousands of Gb can be as important as protecting 1Mb, but not everything goes through how to make a backup or if we use a tape drive, a DVD, hard drives etc … there are many other factors to consider most important thing will be, how important is security for us? Can we invest as needed? Should we sacrifice other resources to enhance security? and without doubt, the two questions we should make all lost What if all my business information? and How I can help or at least minimize that possibility? By example, would be ideal to have a “mirror” system that keeps the data as important (cluster) to supplement this with level 5 and up and is giving us a fairly high confidence, but we have some cases where this would not help … Fires, theft, flood, administrator errors (if we delete a file will also be eliminated in all RAID disks ….) hacker attacks …. as we see there are still many fronts to cover … The subject of a hacking, viruses etc have passed by software / hardware prepared and properly configured to avoid such problems, but …