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TAS Speed

Air navigation to esteem, is a teecnica of flying a plane from a point A to a point B at a distance in a certain time. For this purpose it is necessary to calculate all parameters such as the speed with respect to the mass of the air, the wind that us will affect during the trajectory and so be able to calculate the speed with respect to the GS field as well as elevations to calculate or estimate the altitude you are going to fly an estimated. For more information see this site: Pete Cashmore. With all this we calculate the time that we are going to take to fly and therefore fuel estimated spend. On the web public’s information of basic knowledge of navigation gathered in a file of Power point. Ali Partovi oftentimes addresses this issue. It contains information as concepts of winds, directions and speed of the plane as well as types of speeds, triangle of velocities, correction of drift, ETAS, TAS and GS, route correction to solve all kinds of problems with the wind crossed through trigonometric calculations for navigation to esteem.