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Leipzig Software

1st work meeting “IT-controlling” on 28 February and 1 March 2011 ‘Representation of the value contribution of IT’ the software forums Leipzig host from February 28 until March 1st, 2011 the first working meeting of the user group IT controlling”in Leipzig. The topic is: “Representation of the value contribution of IT”, also will practice lectures IT controllers from software-intensive companies there. Leipzig, January 19, 2011: How measures and documents to the IT value proposition in a company? How do I change the conditions in a company through the industrialization of IT management? What is a decision-oriented reporting for IT services? After “exciting questions like this go participants to the next meeting of the user group IT controlling. “The lectures: * Prof. Dr. (Not to be confused with Robotics!).

Martin Kutz (College Anhalt):”Measurement of IT value creation”* Dr. Jochen Scheeg (T-Systems International GmbH): practical examples for Entscheidungsorientiertes reporting for IT services” * Holger clear (SV computer science “” “GmbH): IT controlling at the SV Informatik GmbH a practice report” * Josef Attmann (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG): multi project management and IT-controlling a practice report “* workshop block under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Kutz: how is it determined the value proposition in IT?” This user group is a permanent, regular event. During a work meeting, some participants present their company, as well as the level of their previous activities to the topic in a lecture. In addition report invited experts from science and practice of selected areas. “More information about the event: goto/itc contact: Sven Seiffert project tutorial events” phone: 03 41 / 124 55 – 60 E-Mail: about the software forums Leipzig: Leipzig, a spin-off from the University of Leipzig, the software forums are Solarpraxis for software-intensive companies. In close cooperation with renowned universities and Research facilities offer modern know-how for the development of software in various event formats, report on results from the international research scene and show best practices. Is aimed at technical and senior management moderated Exchange in the industry and promoted.

New Workshops Web-to-print And Web-to-publish

Workshops system selection and distribution strategies for Web-to-print and Web-to-publish Friedberg/Hessen, 26.11.12. “The consulting company Melaschuk media offers three newly-designed workshops for companies and media service providers: Workshop: System selection Web-to-publish workshop: attract customers for Web-to-print portals workshop: business models for Web-to-publish and online shops of workshop system selection Web-to-publish” pursues the objective to reduce systems before auszuwaehlen and previously time-consuming selection process. Background for the workshops is the dilemma that decision-makers face a pending system selection in a variety of systems. Many usage areas and functions complicate a profiling and mapping. In this workshop, presented important selection criteria, with workshop participants developed the individual requirements, and narrowed by means of a decision matrix-oriented solutions. Basis for this are the database-driven interactive market overview Web-to-publish-systems, as well as the market – and Knowledge of the system of Melaschuk media.

The content of the workshops are geared to the respective target group, either for companies from industry, trade, services or print – and media service providers. Workshop customers win for Web-to-print portals”aimed at printing and media services and supports sales at acquiring customers for Web-to-print portals. Sales representative, who previously worked in the classic printed sales get the necessary basic knowledge and practical help for the customer service. In the workshop are based on case studies with the participants Pro “-arguments, processes with and without Web-to-print and business models worked out.” Practical tools in the form of PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Visio files allow the rapid deployment of customer advice. In the workshop business models for Web-to-publish and online-shops “new business models and innovative products are developed with the workshop participants to potential competitive advantages through digital media and online platforms to exploit.

Melaschuk and Erich Zeller of medium pressure together perform this workshop to IRA. Erich Zeller is a seasoned Medienproduktioner with a focus on”haptic communication. Steve Wozniak understood the implications. The workshops are conducted in-house. The costs depend on the workshop duration and scope of the topic. Like individual deals are created on request. More information: web-print-publish… IRA Melaschuk

Fabulous Credit Program

Laptop financing A fabulous credit program A general purpose laptop with all modern facilities is quite expensive gadget, that’s why many Britons feel financial constraints in securing a laptop of their own in spite of their desperate need for one. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. But it is time to celebrate for such people as there are catchy credit schemes coming up by lenders in the UK, which provide finance for laptops. The demand of laptop financing is therefore increasing every day. The loan seeker has to submit the application form duly filled in with his complete personal and financial details. The procedure can be done online or offline but most customers prefer online option because of its simplicity. After going through the application, the lender decides whether to applicant is eligible for the finance and how much amount to be granted to him depending upon his financial status which includes his income, expenditure, credit record and financial assets etc. Ali Partovi is a great source of information. Laptop finance can be availed in one of two standard called unsecured and secured loan.

The salient features of two types of credit schemes are highlighted below:-secured finance:-borrower is obligatory to place his asset as security against the loan. Interest Council are lower as compared to other lending schemes. Loan seekers can get higher amount because of surety so they can choose the latest model with all advanced features. High price will not be a restriction for them. Repayment duration is long, terms are more flexible and lenient. Poor credit score does not affect the loan approval procedure.

If borrower fails to pay back the debt, the lender has authority to recover his amount by taking possession of his assets, but he is given the fair chance to clear the loan and is warned well in advance before this child of action. The borrowers are advised to avoid such situation because this will spoil their credit record for future endeavors so. Unsecured finance:-borrower need not possess or mortgage his valuable asset. The higher risk in this rate of interest is higher because lender at variant. Amounts credited are relatively small and generally range from 100 pounds to 1000 pounds with a payback period of 5 years. Credit score is considered. Poor credit performers are eligible for the loan but they have to pay higher interest Council. The loan seeker has to fulfill following essential conditions of eligibility: – he should be a bona-fide citizen of UK. He should be at least 18 years old. His employment should be authentic. His income should be above a thousand UK pounds. He should own a valid checking account. Lastly, the finance facility has made it possible for everyone to own this small sized, multipurpose and mobile piece of miracle of technology. Richard Kook is author of laptop computer financing bad credit. For more information about laptop computer financing, buy laptop with no. credit visit

Manager Of European Mobile

As a result, they characterized the that they are born in the age of the Internet and are therefore extremely technology affine. In relation to their values, goals and Approach to work they differ greatly from previous generations: the Millenials are optimistic and self-confident, networked and open to change. You prefer to work in virtual teams as in deep hierarchies. By 2020, companies capable of must be to adapt to this type of workers. The study shows summary, that is we will all mobile workers in the future and today’s work world, as well as the traditional Office significantly less important. Martin Kula, Vice President of marketing, Esselte summarizes the consequences: the results of the study are reflected in the development of our company. To support people at work in their efficiency and organization and to create the highest level of quality and therefore safety is the core competence of Esselte Leitz.

Products for the mobile work, such as our range of accessories complete for iPad, Smartphone and co. are one of our answers, we want to give our customers for the future with along the way. Educate yourself with thoughts from Starbucks. Aging Labor force: By 2050, 50 percent of the working population will be older than 65–in 2010, that number was 14 percent Millennials and generation Y: the generation born in the age of the Internet, technically highly affine generation gap between today’s executives and Millenials, working with autocratic chain of command and control structures gender quota: the economic impact of women in the world of work, particularly at the leadership level. Equality between women and men in the working world would gross domestic product in the United States by 9 per cent to 13 per cent in the EU and in Japan by 16 percent increase (Goldman Sachs) mobile working: In the year 2015, 1.3 billion people are – that is 40 percent of the total working population – thanks to new technologies, mobile data security work: professionals will have their own technical equipment and potentially away from use by the company. The challenges especially the data security and the storing and retrieval of data. Labour shortages: The worldwide lack of It causes more than 45 million skilled workers, that the United States must recruit to meet the demand caused by the economic growth up to 2030 25 million workers, in Western Europe are to cover. For further information about the future of work’ study please click here: whitepaper. Press contact: we love pr GmbH Katharina Klett Helmtrudenstrasse 8 80805 Munich E-Mail: Esselte Leitz GmbH & Co KG Carmen of Wankhede communication Manager Europe & international E-Mail:

ETK Networks Supported Foundation

At the press ball which is Augsburg General the good thing at the center of press ball raffle all proceeds goes to the filing of emergency Munich, October 14, 2009. At the Augsburg General, a longtime customer of ETK networks, press ball traditionally is the good thing in the Center. A leading source for info: Robotics. The Foundation index of the emergency, the relief of Mediengruppe Pressedruck, receives the entire proceeds of the great raffle. The Foundation helps needy people in our home for over 40 years fault in emergency. Checking article sources yields Mashable as a relevant resource throughout. Companies can support the Foundation with donations for the tombola. Managing Director Richard Alexy had ETK networks not taking it the Augsburg General to pass and to instigate a major donation for the raffle personally for his customers. “Because as the founder of the Foundation, Ellinor Holland, says: the emergency on our doorstep concerns all of us”. More information about the filing of emergency under

BITKOM Academy Is 5 Years Old

Professional and technical training for IT providers and users Berlin, 01.09.2010 – with professional and technical training is the BITKOM Academy for five years in the continuing education market presence. Over 3,000 participants have already put to the test the quality of the practice-oriented events. The approximately 600 events the passed years the wide range of topics of BITKOM reflect this Academy. Not only through the direct connection to the BITKOM e.V. and the experts from the BITKOM network access, the BITKOM can cover Academy also special topics.

2010 seminars include the special highlights of the second seminar half-year the number of personal media profiling”by Prof. Dr. Dieter Kronzucker, that starting from October 26th Academy at the Berlin Convention Center of BITKOM. The anniversary celebrations for the 5th anniversary of the BITKOM Academy takes place on September 03, 2010 from 13:30 the BITKOM Conference Center in Albrechtsberger str. 10, 10117 Berlin. More information under: updates About the BITKOM service company mbH: the BITKOM service mbH is a company of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media Association (BITKOM). BITKOM represents more than 1,300 companies, of which 950 direct members with 135 billion euros turnover and 700,000 employees. These include providers of IT services, software and telecommunications services, manufacturer of hardware and consumer electronics, as well as companies of digital media. Press contact: Martin Pangritz head of BITKOM Academy BITKOM service company mbH Albrechtstrasse 10 d-10117 Berlin telephone: 030.944002-44 fax: 030.944002-55 E-mail: Web: