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Well as we all know making a competitive landing page and is acptada by pay per click companies, is to become something extremely difficult. For this reason and decided to share with you 10 of the techniques that more results I have generated without being penalized by these giants of the internet industry. These techniques you will see the construction of your pages from another point of view and for this reason let’s we begin to have better results in your sale, releases, or generate a list of Subscriber campaigns. Without more ADO I will enumerate these techniques then so taking notes since they are very interesting; Technical details for your landing page design a page of capture that has several buttons where persons have the option of contacting you, find out who you are, your blog among others the site policies. Basically a mini – site. You need to offer high value content information to ask to change the data of that person, eg; Books, report, Videos etc.

Explain towards where the data of this prospectus are directed and mention that your data will not be shared with anyone. If you can make a page for this purpose much better. All the content of the landing page must be strictly related to the topic, or you must have a high level of relevance. Do not make exaggerated promises as become a millionaire in one day (Google hates it) produces just don’t do it the page in such a way that it does not seem that interested you just the data of the person, by which detracts from credibility and quality and therefore your Ctr goes down and you can also penalise why. Send prospects to a single page after the suscepcion that would normally be of thanks and the challenge of communication do it by email. Not envies of page in page, people don’t like anything not promotions more that your product or service on that landing page remember that the real objective is to enlarge your list. She is precise and clear with what you explain and emphasizes the urgent need (for limited time, until such date etc.) and complies with what was promised. Never but never break the sequence of what you just of teach, OK!