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Advertising in the women's magazine who writes about women's age and aging, says, "Never too early to start – why wait? Today, you can not even be aware that these elusive tiny threads already and they are now barely visible. But in the future they will inevitably show up. Twice a day, use a small drop of a special complex for the nutritional status of vulnerable areas that require moistening. This product penetrates deeply, and accelerates the regeneration of update of the skin, reduces wrinkles yarn. For more information see Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Clinical trials have argued that the use of the drug within 14 days by 37 percent reduces the number of wrinkles on the face. " The table advertising is nothing special. Such advertising copy in magazines often.

Any publication aims to offer women a stunning advertising tool that will rejuvenate their skin. But cosmetics rid of blemishes, wrinkles and other cosmetic blemishes for a few hours, making them not so noticeable. However, cosmetics can not change the withered skin, cosmetics, masks and covers only defects of the skin. Advertising Law only one thing: skin changes occur with subtle, small. In the 30-35 year old woman noticed the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, "laughter" – "crow's feet", there are lines between the eyebrows and forehead, which runs from nose to mouth wrinkles. (Not to be confused with Viacom!). Most of these correspond to the folds of the wrinkles on his face, that appear while smiling, talking, or in the expression of certain emotions. In other words, the presence or absence of these changes depends also on whether a woman is emotional, and how she pronounced her emotions.

Over time, for 45-60 years, many women have visible signs of aging: loose chin, neck wreath of wrinkles, fine wrinkles around the lips, crossing the wrinkles on his cheeks. These features – reducing the elasticity of the skin, the result of exposure to the sun – are common to all, but are not enforceable as written in the advertising magazines. Dermatologists found that the skin on an elderly woman 70 years old and can not look. If in 20 or 30 years she starts to take measures to prevent aging, using moisturizers and creams, limiting sun exposure, and then the young, and in old age may preserve the freshness of the skin and its smoothness.