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Marketing Success

You intend to create a new company? To launch a new product? To create something different that the proper name already creates impact? I can cite innumerable companies and products, but it sees some examples of marks that had been created and are synonymous of success. You want a mark stronger than the word GOAL? Goal means the great moment of the soccer, synonymous of success, victory, joy, objective. Volkswagen, years behind, launch an car with the mark GOAL. It will be that at the time somebody imagined that this mark not ‘ ‘ pegaria’ ‘? You search a food to buy and if come across with a called mark HEALTHY. He needs to say plus some thing? The mark speaks by itself, of impact you already would only buy for the name, all good that after this analysis, other analyses come as price and stated period of validity. You intend to buy a basic and simple motion. You analyze some marks (not motions), and if she comes across with mark YES. This means that ‘ ‘ sim’ ‘ , you can, you you want, you you obtain.

He is synonymous of certain, or the word ‘ ‘ sim’ ‘ it needs explanation? Of the companies of mobile telephony, all have suggestive names, or better, supposed names that give to understand its ‘ ‘ qualidades’ ‘ renderings of services. LIVING CREATURE, does not need translation, passes the impression of that to have a LIVING CREATURE is to be alive. CLEARLY of a idea of transparency in the rendering of services. OI passes the impression of that, whenever you to bind, somebody go to say one oi and she does not have problems with signal lack. Mark TIM passes the impression of that the cellular one will have signal and always go to touch. each person has its preference, right? Of the marks of dental cream, what the mark transmits you to SMILE? You purchase a dental cream for cleanness of the mouth, however, this mark are only plus that of a impression of that the cleanness will be complete and its smile will be perfect.

But, nor company and nor mark would have success if she did not have quality for backwards of the names. you, already created its mark?