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Stanford University Know

By Luis Manuel Aguana Admire the speech of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, Stanford University long before his unfortunate loss. Admired him not only by simple and profound message but by how incredibly human, coming from someone who may be a computer technician, but extraordinary. The speech lasted for about 15 minutes but was so full of wisdom that those minutes were like gold dust for who passes through life trying to do something and transcend. The past, the present and the future are intertwined in the three stories that described a masterfully. But the story that I’m more powerfully the attention was the first because I think it has to do a lot with us in these very eventful times, when we think that everything will fall and will be shredded, presaging a gloomy future for all of us. Steve called it connecting the dots. In the story Steve tells that nobody can know that the things that one does make sense until you connect the points. And which are the points? Milestones, the events in the life of a person, the things you do.

Points are formed with the story but nobody can know the drawing that will make until they exist, and therefore you do not see the picture but connecting the dots backwards. No one can see the image of points that have not occurred. Consequently you fervently believe that what you do will have an image that will have a sense in your future and work for it. Do what you have to do with the fervent desire of that will mean something to your future and live it fully. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue. Steve could not know when told that at Stanford that what was saying, not only to individuals but also to companies, applied to entire countries.

Foreign Ministry

Digital totalitarian method is highly contested, and rejected even in some of the best democracies, because individual liberty and invade the privacy of individuals. No one may make a bank transaction, using the internet, buy milk, get gas, have a beer, and use your credit card, without the government knowing. Services intelligence instantly get your photo, your personal data, and location. Contact information is here: Code.org. Those who voted, are now prisoners of the regime. You may find that Byron Trott can contribute to your knowledge. No matter where you go, it is impossible to escape the vigilance of the state. Where to show an ID, or leave their fingerprints, the ministry will know. The violence is just around the corner. The police state will impose harsh.

The conference will allow the massive influx of Venezuelan troops take military supervision of Bolivia, creating internal discomfort, and tension on the border with Peru and Chile. Continental consequences of what will happen will be atrocious. The heart of America is in the hands of a dictatorial regime that encourages Marxist Communist guerrillas, as Ernesto Guevara dreamed! The first foreign country to experience the expansion of the ideals of the revered criminal, is the town where he was born. The FARC and Hezbollah, will be in charge of bringing terrorism to Argentina. Whereas the vast majority of its population is classified as left, and Che is among the most admired popular idols, with photographs from the windows infecting fashion until the last hole of the neighborhood.

Should feel flattered. Bolivia's influence on Argentina is higher than that generally perceived. According to infallible scientific studies, conducted in 2006 for Argentina's Foreign Ministry on the model developed by Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler. In Bolivia will result in a civil war with hemispheric implications.

Free Forum

But it can also be seen that there are several constants that are repeated in the history of the ups and downs inclusion-exclusion. First, it is prevented, directly, the integration through measures to eradicate them. Second, it is prevented, directly, through offers integration impossible to accept because in any case solve their problems, but make it worse. Third, it is prevented, directly, integration, by proclaiming his disparagement laws mandating the same settlement, without providing any concrete measures to this effect. And above all, integration is prevented because the willingness to accept that society has to host the marginalized ethnic minority is a function of competition at any time and place that minority poses to the social sectors of the lower classes of So depend on the overall abundance or scarcity, or not to allow the Roma to form, finally, with a united society payos multiethnic.

But this is precisely the part of the Roma, awareness of their position in the social fabric and also specifies the means materials and legislation. It is necessary that the Administration has in mind some things, and assume: one that the Roma, for now, vote soon, and therefore, the administrative action will only be responsible but not necessarily profitable, second, that there will be no effective measures that are made for achieving the necessary economic means, whose social return is long term, the third has to do with their own programs and measures to be taken to respect ethnic integration of the Roma, which prevents any degree of effectiveness measures of general application and recommends specific actions, specific and tailored. And as the poet said: "Mother of the soul, / I was born gypsy, / if I'm not good / for nothing." Francisco Arias Solis The revolution will distribute the property, peace and harmony among all the inhabitants of the earth, without taking any account of differences of color and race, and make into a family fraternity to all men . (Sentence Fermin Salvochea glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea) of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL:

Nursing Home Residents Wake

Residents goes one old and nursing home to the public In the House going and care floor mount, a retirement and nursing home in Sulz a.N., a part of the inhabitants to the public. True to the motto: “We’re old but not dead” they want to show that they still long do not belong to the old iron. This group called the Club of young at heart seniors, at an in-house event, the night Cafe has found. This event takes place every Thursday night in the cafeteria of the House. The purpose is, in addition to the usual activation and employment programs, to give the residents a sense of community. In the night Cafe, where residents can participate voluntarily, they have the possibility, to tell stories and events from their lives.

The hard core of this event has now decided to go to the public. “We want to show the people that we have even more fun in life” that is the clear message from the participants. “The right is young at heart seniors Label for this group”as the comment of the night Cafe Manager, Gaby Schmidl. “I find it super that these residents are not afraid, to go to the public” after a conversation with an employee of the House technology, explained this ready, and create a corresponding Web page. Who would like to learn about the Ativitaten of this group, can visit this Web page (dieter-poplutz.de). Blog specially landscaped, as well as in the created photo gallery you will learn more about these seniors in the future.