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Brand Management Enjoys

Brands, whether global or locally anchored, require constant care and careful management of Cologne. People such as Mashable would likely agree. The current upbeat mood in the industry and the improvement of economic prospects moved again the work focus in the marketing departments. New brand campaigns were a rarity in the last 2 years more so currently increased activities and numerous new brand campaigns in the fall. The German Institute for marketing in Cologne noticed again clear signals for a shift from pure sales campaigns in his expert discussions with marketing leaders this fall and to brand campaigns. “Professor Baird, Managing Director of the German Institute for marketing confirms: even if the focus is in the marketing departments still on budget efficiency so the improved economic fundamentals deliver again more argumentative scope for strategic campaigns.” Also the latest Interbrand ranking of global brands shows a further increase for most brands in brand value.

Brands have not abated even in times of crisis in their core functions: raise confidence and deliver the customers worth image form remain the main tasks of strong brands. However, the instruments of branding have clearly changed. So, for example, social media marketing for the modern brand management no longer gone to think. Global have all the TOP brands from the Interbrand ranking to including an own Facebook page. Brands, whether global or locally anchored, require constant care and careful management.

The necessary know-how transfer the German Institute for marketing in its business unit marketing seminars”. In the seminar successful brand management”with the brand guru Karsten Kilian (Markenlexikon.com) budding brand managers will receive an extensive and thorough introduction to the matter. The focus is the use of the potential offered by the brand management. Practice-oriented, competent and sustainable participants receive practical action tools for your marketing work. The “Practical workshop successful brand management” will take place on the 16th and 17.11.2010 in Cologne with Karsten Kilian. seminare.asp? = seminar brand management


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