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Electronic Scales

Structurally, electronic scales car can be roughly divided into two groups: stationary and mobile. Mobile scales consist of sets of individual platforms and the electronic terminal. Generally used for measuring the weight of the car in parts. May be bed-and Mortice. Stationary Truck scales operate in a mode of long-term maintenance.

They can be besfundamentnye and foundation, the scale road to measure the mass the car completely and truck scales for measuring weight poosevogo. When poosnom (pomostovom) weighing vehicles by the summation of the weighing results of each element. Weighbridges are of one or more modules connected to each other. The modular design of weighing platform for easy installation of weights and promotes long-term safe operation. Different sizes of load modules allow you to create single-and multi-platform Truck scales meet the requirements for weighing various cars.

On balance, having platform lengths from 2.5 to 6 m, car weighed in two steps, and the total weight of the machine is computed as the sum of the weighing results all the car axles. For dynamic weighing weighing platform must be built into the foundation- priyamoy at the same level with the road. For such a foundation is required to design drainage systems. One should also consider the location of strain gauges (sensors) for the convenience of future Operating truck scales, as falling in the weights inside the debris and sediment carried in motor vehicles, will inevitably lead to the need for seasonal prophylaxis of stationary truck scales. Uniform for all Truck scales are the requirements for entrance. Platform for mounting the weights must have a straight section of road way, segments of the path before and after the weights have to be on the same level. Mounting location of dynamic Truck scales characterized by high demands. This linear portion of the way without turning, without deviations.