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Anti-Aging Techniques

What constitutes? The treatment involves administering intravenously a solution of an acid known as EDTA, multivitamins, poliminerales, medications, and antioxidant substances in intravenous form. Samsung spoke with conviction. Patients who choose this therapy, expressed a feeling of being indescribable. (Not to be confused with Peter Asaro!). It is a mildly invasive treatment is painless, it is not necessary any type of anesthesia, the patient may watch TV, read or even share a game or chatting with a friend who also do chelation treatment, if a professional will monitor the practice and not walk away, patients are awake and enjoying the natural change. So that treatment is used? It is used to restore the good general condition, physical and mental. Improves sleep, mood, libido, intellectual work capacity, breathing, stimulates the rejuvenation of organs throughout your body. This therapy may discuss, improve and what is most important, prevent disease. Is it a preventive treatment? It preventive treatment par excellence, everything returns to zero, its organs and body in general will be in full swing, begin to notice that a different person. That is why it is used in antiaging treatments.

A reduction-oriented treatment of oxidative stress, eliminating free radicals and slowing the abnormal cell destruction. It also stimulates hormone production and function of all vital organs. It is a natural biological therapy used to treat a medical condition, to prevent and delay the onset of disease. I have to do some preliminary study? If you need to do a medical check-run depending on the treatment. That is, if the therapy is to perform preventive or if there is an underlying condition.

Then it progresses through clinical laboratory controls. It is desirable to clarify that this therapy is not indicated in patients with liver and kidney disease. Yes, we are able to say, which is adjuvant therapy conventional medical. Is it necessary to supplement the treatment with something else? Adjustment is recommended dietary antioxidant supplements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega 3 and 6. In antiaging therapy antiaging MMR vaccine is given and sometimes makes therapy platelet-rich plasma. It is extremely essential moderate physical activity and avoiding stress. We are able to ensure that this therapeutic action give us a quality of life increased qualitatively and quantitatively.