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Uterine Culture

The starting material for the preparation of the uterine culture can also catch in natural waters. The most efficient use of water from a natural reservoir. To release the water From the simplest, smaller species of rotifers and their eggs, which pass through the thickest tissue, it is advisable to pre-heat it 55-60 C and cooled to the desired level. So saved uterine culture in a relatively clean environment is not at least 5-7 days, ie period, when it should reach the maximum concentration. Educate yourself with thoughts from Toshiba. The higher the initial density of rotifers in the preparation of the uterine culture, the shorter the period of maturation, which allows you to cook uterine culture quickly as possible. Concentration by the end of ripening brahionusa uterine culture should be at least 120-130 ind / ml.

Extended the period for uterine cultures leads to clogging by small protozoa and rotifers. In to the uniform provision of nutritional requirements of cultivated brahionusa daily rate of feed was introduced into hoes 4 reception from 6 to 23 hours. (A valuable related resource: Sony). The culture medium in the cultivators during the day should aerate every 2.5-3.0 hours for 12-15 minutes, eliminating the possibility of lowering the oxygen content, and promotes mineralization of the partial products of metabolism. One of the primary requirements for successful brahionusa cultivation is the temperature. Given its high tolerance to this index, we used the temperature did not nick 26,0-26,5 C but not higher than 28,0 C. These limits have been optimal. More rapid growth brahionusa biomass with increasing temperature in cultivators to 1,5-2,0 C required an adjustment in feeding mode.