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Achieving What You Want

No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that was created. Albert Einstein. This is one of the many phrases Albert Einstein who helps me to remember certain things and helps me to realize that unless you change beliefs and reality, not be able to achieve what I want. And always remember when I analyze the traffic to my websites and blogs, for example always encounter phrases such as Joe Vitale free book download key download factor free attraction and things like that. And I’m thinking, these people don’t realize that when looking for free books from Joe, being sent to the universe, with all his being, that they are in a situation of need, deficiency, abject poverty, of not being able to buy anything! The harsh reality of this is that not find books from Joe vitale himself gives free (clear they are in English, but, hey this is no problem), and not find them because they don’t have in their minds the set of beliefs that would enable them to find them and download them. And for those that if find free books, in format e-book, they will not get the results that might have if they had bought the book, the reason is that in the subconscious still believing poverty, lack, absolute necessity and impossibility of spending nothing, but also, in conjunction with other beliefs, blocked the law of attraction. Truth that can’t imagine, when you buy books from Joe, the first that I was interested in, and the lei I reread, and I put in practice what I was learning, I could not believe what that well started to change my life, more customers, more sales, more solutions and creativity.

And then other books by Joe Vitale, reached me as by magic, I found them in e-book format, and I found them by chance, because thanks to that buy the books, and put in practice what I read, I started to change their beliefs. When purchasing something, your subconscious mind receives a message that that worth the effort, and if you perceive the value or cost as high, but still implies it, recording a sense of value in your mind, and be It acquires a different attitude to things, which allows your beliefs to change for good. So those seeking everything it free, that everything want you without paying the price, never will see the law of attraction work in your favor, it will not, and why, then see search phrases as the law of attraction is a fraud seeking other losers which socialize or that validate their belief that the secret is a scam fraud of the law of attraction and similar phrases. Original author and source of the article.

Stanford University Know

By Luis Manuel Aguana Admire the speech of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, Stanford University long before his unfortunate loss. Admired him not only by simple and profound message but by how incredibly human, coming from someone who may be a computer technician, but extraordinary. The speech lasted for about 15 minutes but was so full of wisdom that those minutes were like gold dust for who passes through life trying to do something and transcend. The past, the present and the future are intertwined in the three stories that described a masterfully. But the story that I’m more powerfully the attention was the first because I think it has to do a lot with us in these very eventful times, when we think that everything will fall and will be shredded, presaging a gloomy future for all of us. Steve called it connecting the dots. In the story Steve tells that nobody can know that the things that one does make sense until you connect the points. And which are the points? Milestones, the events in the life of a person, the things you do.

Points are formed with the story but nobody can know the drawing that will make until they exist, and therefore you do not see the picture but connecting the dots backwards. No one can see the image of points that have not occurred. Consequently you fervently believe that what you do will have an image that will have a sense in your future and work for it. Do what you have to do with the fervent desire of that will mean something to your future and live it fully. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue. Steve could not know when told that at Stanford that what was saying, not only to individuals but also to companies, applied to entire countries.