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Structuralized Consultation

Both had been used in verse are of test, therefore sa softwares paid. For use and administrac' to the one of the set of func' you are created it for the new site of the UFFS becomes necessa laughs one documentac' to the one of auxi lio. The manuals of the System of Management Web UFFS had been created with illustrated literal and visual interface. The same ones the competent teams for administrac&#039 are always disponi veis for consultation; to the one it conteu of it of the one of the Par ginas. Under most conditions Robotics expert would agree. 8 System of Web Management of the UFFS. 9 the Apache and a server web exempts. A Free Software (SL), as for example, the Linux. 10 the MySQL and a system of management of data base (SGBD), that it uses language SQL (Language of Structuralized Consultation, of ingle s Structured Query Language) as interface.

currently one of the more popular data bases, with more than 10 maize you are of instalac' it you are for the world. 11 the Adobe Dreamweaver, old Macromedia Dreamweaver and a software of development directed toward web. 12 publishing Software of images developed by Adobe Systems. 2,4 MIGRAC' TO THE ONE OF PLATFORMS the old site of the UFFS, housed for the Federal University of Santa Catarina, was developed on the basis of a tool for administrac' to the one of blogs, the WordPress13. Already when we speak in Joomla, administrac&#039 fits; to the one of sites or great vestibules. The two sa the excellent tools for gesta of it conteu of, pore m with propo different sitos. It conteu it of already the existing one in the old gina Par of instituic' to obligatorily vel in the new site must be disponi. For this river was necessa to make migrac' to the one of the old platform for the new of manual form, making possible I exerted it rutting and adaptac' to the new system before exactly of the new site being published.

Danish Business Summit

In the mep industry is hoping to make recycling cost-effective, to create conditions for the inflow of investments, including those involving the experience of European countries where recycling is a lucrative business. The business summit in Denmark, discussed global warming and ‘green energy ‘Participants completed Tuesday in the Danish capital of the World Business Summit on Climate Change called on leaders of their countries to endorse the new agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the 15 th Conference of Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in December this year in the Danish capital. Participants in the so-called ‘Copenhagen Appeal’ stressed the need to limit the increase average global temperature 2 degrees Celsius, ‘stabilize’ emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020 and reduce them to half the 1990 level by 2050. The summit participants called for change in the existing trading scheme quotas on greenhouse gas emissions.

Already on the sidelines began to really tough negotiations on the ‘post-Kyoto agreement’, which must be achieved at the December un conference in Copenhagen, will be made only now. It is not something Marc Mathieu would like to discuss. In the Danish Business Summit presented a very interesting and promising program ‘Green jobs’. ‘Green jobs’ – a study whose main objective to prove that investing in development of energy technologies with a low share of hydrocarbons may provide jobs to millions of people. Furthermore, the use of these technologies will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. For example, in communicating to the U.S. Castle Harlan may also support this cause. share of energy generated by technologies, up to 50% would create 3 million new jobs.

Technology Cell Phone

Matter what the model, technology or sophisticated, a cellular or mobile phone is a radio transmitter, with a single to listen to frequency and another to hear. This basically is the technical description of the portable devices commonly used in the world. Let’s look at its evolution: first generation, 1 G: United States originally, was marketed in Tokyo, in 1979, using the first generation technology. This initial phase, only offered the use of a frequency, so it only served to transmit the voice., its technology was low and analog reception. The second generation emerged in 1990, digital technology.

This technology already used two simultaneous channels, one for voice and one for audio. Several technologies are that advance, each one brings different novelties, such as CDMA, GSM and D-AMPS and IDEN. The next hop, in 2001, only became an adaptation to the change to the 3 g. third-generation, 3 G: apply new systems like GPRS, a revolutionary transmission of data, higher speeds, services of multimedia, messaging, internet access and its applications and social networking, data management, a breakthrough for mobile telephony. 4 G, last generation, technology is LTE, wide capacity in data management, enabling one new era in games, videos, browsing speed and increased 10 times greater than the previous one. The step from technological advances, telephone communications will be carried out through the network, generalizaran the use of video-llamadas, thanks to the constant search for perfection, the way we communicate is revolutionizing with her.

All technological innovation, dragging other innovations, such as in this case, new models of mobile appliances, that create possibilities to provisions technological as memories, cameras, TV, video, games, touchscreen, storage of different types of file access. P & L Business solutions INC. Distributors of mobile phones by greater Miami for America in particular Colombia and Venezuela. We handle all brands! Including Blackberry wholesale

Asphalt. Reliable Pavement

Any related pavement types of jobs these days are not possible without using the asphalt. This kind of material for more than a century and a half retains top position among all the used types of road surfaces. At including ways to create over time only become better. Just making such material as asphalt and at the moment is really the best road. It is known that asphalt – a product of nature. Only a man of his slightly improved. What we have today refer to as asphalt, in practice it turns asphalt mix, which combines the best features durability, resistance to physical action, and environmental safety. The current asphalt mixture are endowed not only important indicators of stability and longevity, but also accumulate a heavy metal impurities, which is the exhaust from cars and other rc.

Therefore, it is possible to argue that the asphalt performs a significant role cleanse the environment. Issue asphalt mixtures is now provided as to industrial enterprises, including through mobile industrial plants which are capable of making different amounts and, therefore, not the same name. For example, most medium-sized construction and road asphalt mixing organizations use the installation. In fact its own ACS – is a small industrial complex, which is required for transformation of various elements in the proper asphalt mix, which can be put in the role of a street or other covering. Mixing asphalt devices are vital to any desired firms that engaged in construction of highways. In the same way as normal concrete, the mixture of asphalt and concrete should be laid for a limited period after creation, otherwise it hardens and loses flexibility needed for installation. C On the other hand, for the many road-utility companies, working away from major industrial plants, more able to approach the asphalt plant equipment, which may be in effect for this set of manufacture of asphalt. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. Another very recent transient asfaltoproizvodyaschie plants in our market of industrial equipment can be found exclusively foreign manufacture. However, to date at our market, there are asphalt-producing facilities in our industry, and not at all inferior in quality to foreign similar models. Methods of construction and asphalt are improved over time, creating a road surface more durable and reliable.

Management System

Designers were able to create the station for its crew, spacious living rooms, comfortable positions for conducting research and management station. Total number of positions to seven. Post number 1 – central control station; positions number 2 and number 6 are used for manual astro-orientation and astronavigation station; Post number 3 and number 7, which is managing the scientific equipment, office 4-Management of scientific instrumentation and medical research; post number 5 – Management of stellar telescope Orion. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through. In the area of post number 1 is a table where astronauts can take food, drinking water reservoirs, and food warmers. Here is the “home” tape recorder, tape recordings, library, an album for drawing.

On the left and right side of the working chamber there are beds. In the area of bathroom cleaner set (for a sufficiently large space station, designed for long-term work in conditions of weightlessness, the fight against dust and pollution is an important problem). On board the space station Salyut is a variety of systems, such as the control system onboard complex (Subki) Power System (EPS), which, in addition to solar panels, rechargeable them is constantly rechargeable high capacity battery, this temperature and humidity system (CTP) with outdoor “hot” (ie placed ua sunny side) and “cold” heat exchangers; life support system (CCF), which provides the crew of diverse food replacement. linens, has sewer and sanitary. device, various household supplies, tools training, prevention, and medical monitoring, the system of providing gas composition (SOGS), released in the atmosphere of oxygen and absorb “carbon dioxide and harmful impurities, the system of docking and internal transfer (SEP); telemetry system, a set of communication facilities, including equipment for two-way radio communication with Earth in the short and ultrashort waves, for internal communication between the bay station, for transmission to Earth television image and telemetry data, for the trajectory measurements and receiving control commands from Earth. In conducting research at the station “Salyut” serious attention paid to the study of the cardiovascular system of astronauts during their unprecedented duration of the flight. This is primarily due to the fact that the state of human circulatory system is affected by many external factors, including the forces of gravity.

Circulatory system was investigated, so to speak, in two modes – in a state of relative rest and under stress, in the performance of certain physical exercises. In the second case study closely resembled the physiological experiments carried out in our terrestrial laboratories: the work is shared by two cosmonauts and one of them played the role of the subject, another researcher In this on-board equipment to detect and transmit to Earth, or write to the forest “quantum magnetic storage media three programs, three sets of physiological parameters, five various parameters or characteristics of each. Analyzing the results of physiological studies, physicians have noted that given the individual norms and characteristics of the crew, we can assume that during space flight lasting about one month remains quite functional usefulness of the apparatus of circulation. Several times during the flight were taken blood samples for later analysis on Earth. In Later in the course of this analysis, the wbc, leukocyte count and platelet count in a thousand red blood cells, blood levels of glucose, urea, cholesterol.

Radio Frequency Labels

This monograph showed study on the use of technology RFID; technology that uses the radio waves automatically to identify people, animals and objects; applied in the management of the warehouse of a multinational company, located in the city of Matozinhos, MG. Its objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of technology RFID, through a simulation, in the attendance to the particularitities of the control of the processes that involve the identification of asset in this warehouse, where the intelligent labels supplied by technology RFID must inform to the control system its parameters, what it makes possible the automatic identification of asset. So that the considered objective was reached was made bibliographical study, in order to get knowledge on the main characteristics that involve the technology, beyond analysis of the logistic one of the warehouse sector, through the study of the current processes, analysis of viability in search of vulnerabilities and to know the existing tools in the market for creation of the simulator environment. The software tools had been described proposals for the Rifidi for simulator environment implantation, being carried through comparative between them on the basis of the parameters defined in the sections of analyses, for choice of the adequate solution. After defined the tool, a study of case based on the implantation of software in a computer, being carried through the configuration and execution of this software was made. The results had allowed to evaluate the effectiveness of the process of automatic identification of asset in movement in the controlled environment, being also applied in the comparative degree with the results of the processes used currently..

Rise Companies

Since social networks begin to be part of our technological culture, many are those who have been able to use them for the benefit of the improvement of the management of the knowledge of your company. Dacartec solutions consultant, is one of them. Not only by applying them to their own management, but to contribute to that others can take advantage of the opportunity afforded by the rise of these social networks to so many companies. Several are already those that have taken advantage of the benefits of collaborative intranets and internal social networks solutions. These same companies are that have realized the importance of integrating such technologies in their daily work, since they not only facilitate work, but they also increase productivity; and they are also these same companies which have passed previously by being aware of the time spent by its employees to their personal profiles during your workday. To broaden your perception, visit Jesper Christensen. Seen and analyzed this problem have managed, however, use their networks to the benefit of your business and involve their employees in the same goal. Companies that finally, adapt and take advantage of the solutions which we are concerned in this article, end up being recognized for its innovation and with it, everything implying: adaptability, flexibility, efficiency and, of course, confidence.

The demand for these technological solutions translates into the creation and development of specific programs. Dacartec knows this well, as he also knows the importance of investing in internal social networking programs. All forecasts indicate that spending on this type of technology is increasing, proves neither more nor less, of their effectiveness and the need for a change in the professional culture of companies. Lower training costs, collected knowledge and entrepreneurial culture or facility to locate a particular expert of the company, are some of the factors that improve the management of knowledge with which internal social networks favor any company that decides to implement them. Highlights:-the companies that take advantage of the internal social networks end up being recognized for its innovation and all that it implies. -All the forecasts point to this type of technology spending is on the rise.


The message can be composed for some parts and each one of them can be of a different type. wsdl: portType Joint of operations abstract for which one or more points of extremity offer support. wsdl: binding Protocol and specification of the format of concrete data of a type of particular door. wsdl: service Collection of related points of extremity. This is projected to also invoke remote applications through RPC (Remote Procedure Calls or Chamada de Remote Procedimento) or exchanges of messages in an independent environment of platform and programming language. SOAP guarantees the interoperabilidade and intercommunication between different systems, through the use of the language (XML) and mechanisms of transport standards (HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol or Protocolo de Transferncia de Hipertexto), of this form protocol SOAP if is become standard for the exchange of messages between application and Web Services. Erl (2005) defines SOAP as. Although to have been initially conceived as the technology to transpose the breach between platforms based on dog RPC communicates, SOAP if became in one of the most known formats of messages and protocol used for web services based on XML. For this reason, acronym SOAP is related freqentemen you as Service-Oriented Architecture (or Application) Protocol (protocol of guided architecture the services) instead of Simple Object Access Protocol. Generally serving serving SOAP are implemented using HTTP, even so this are not a restriction for its functioning, messages SOAP are in the truth documents XML, that adhere to a specification supplied for agency W3C the Figure below show the project of the structure of a message SOAP. Available source in The three basic parts in the structure of a message SOAP: Envelope: what defines what it is in the message and as to process it, a style of codification (encoding style) to express instance of the type of data defined in the application, and a convention to represent called procedures and answers.? Header: It is an optional heading.


Concrete – this is an artificial stone matepial that polychaetcya of patsionalno podbipayuscheycya smesi vyazhyschego agents, fillers and additives oppedelennyx c vodoy after fopmipovaniya tvepdoy ctpyktury. Klaccifitsipyyut this building on matepial vidy and kolichectvennomy codepzhaniyu ppimenyaemogo vyazhyschego veschectva. Total klaccifikatsiya building concrete construction concrete can be ppigotovlen on neopganicheckih and opganicheskix vyazhyschix veschectvah. In asphalt concrete and plastbetone icpolzyyutsya opganicheckie vyazhuschie. And takix vidax concrete kak tsementny, lime, gypsum concrete, and heat-resistant kiclotoypopny, icpolzyyutcya neorganicheckie vyazhyschie matter. Naibolshyyu popylyapnoct imeet cement, kotory in bulk from zavicimocti maccy delitcya ocobo to heavy (over 2500), heavy (from 1800 to 2500), light (500 to 1800) ocobo and lightweight (less than 500). Syschectvuyut cledyyuschie mapki concrete Firmware least vozpastaniya prochnosti: M100, M150, M200, M250, M300, M350, M400, M450, M500, M600, M800, extra-heavy brand of concrete M400, MZ50, MZ00 icpolzyyut for protective soopyzheny, THEIR produce ppeimyschectvenno nA poptlandtsementax and ickysctvennyx or bioclimatic zapolnitelyax (limonite, magnetit, bapit, obpezki apmatypy or chygynny ckpap). Zavodah usually made at this building matepial mapok from 100 to 400, so kak bolee prochnye primenyayutcya Construction ochen seldom.

Structural concrete mapok M200 and M100 lightweight concrete manufactured on the matter and gidravlicheckom vyazhyschem popistyh zapolnitelyax, lightweight concrete used various kinds of naimenovaniya kotopyh zavicyat vida ppimenennogo zapolnitelya – claydite, vermikulitobeton, perlitobeton, pemzobeton, and tufobeton dpugie. By ctepeni and stpyktype zapolneniya intergranular ppoctpanctva data types are divided into conventional lightweight concrete, lightweight malopeschanye, lungs and kpupnopopictye legkie cement concretes c kamnem, porous at pomoschi gazo or penoobpazovateley. Shipoko ppimenyatsya began building concrete M100, M150 and M200, M100 concrete stamps are made to graviynom, lime and gpanitnom schebne. This matepial used in ocnovnom, DURING ppovedenii podgotovitelnyx pabot peped fill monolitnyh fundamentov plates. Also, dropped into this mapku ppimenyayut at izgotovlenii floors, screeds, under fyndamentov nebolshie coopyzheniya, pouring concrete sidewalks, construction of concrete dopog in kachectve podyshki and ystanovki bopdyupa. Structural concrete used in the M200 mapki ocnovnom for izgotovleniya concrete ctyazhek polov, fyndamentov, otmostok, dopozhek etc. In individyalnom construction, concrete strength mapki M200 vpolne enough to pesheniya mnogix ctandaptnyh construction tasks: slab, strip and pile-poctvepkovye fyndamenty; izgotovlenie podpornyx walls, concrete lectnits, dopozhek, ploschadok, otmostok etc.

At JBK kombinatax and concrete products Concrete zavodax etoy mapki do nappimep, dopozhnye plate. As well as the M100, M200 ppimenyayut dopozhnom in construction, concrete kachectve podyshki and uctanovki bopdyup. M200 is the most concrete and pacprostpanennaya mapka y Many ppedpriyaty is lidepom prodazh. Ppoizvodctvo concrete stamps to M200 may gpaviynom, izvectkovom and gpanitnom schebne. In ppodazhe M100 and M200 mapki, chasche all imeyutcya with the mobility of P1-P4 and R1-R4 stiffness.

California Gizmodo

I think that the story of the lost iPhone 4G already knows almost everyone. If you do not know, then read on. The story begins in the German schnapps bar called Gourmet Haus Staudt, in Redwood City, California. The software engineer Apple Grey Powell decided to drink in her birthday, March 18, beer, and this day proved fatal to his career. The last thing he wrote in his blog on Facebook with the engineering prototype iPhone 4G, disguised iPhone 3GS, was: “I finally realized how much German beer – it’s cool!”.

After What he left a bar, and the iPhone forgot the bar. One citizen who wished to remain anonymous, found the lost phone and tried through the Apple service center to return the discovery. But there his word that he found the iPhone with unusual serial numbers are not taken seriously and was advised to call in China, as thought it was fake. Then the citizen and spat on it and threw it finds on the mezzanine. After a while the good people suggested to him that perhaps Journalists interested in this thing, and then he called one of the most famous tehnoblogov U.S. – Gizmodo. Gizmodo gadget offered for $ 5000, not even knowing whether this is the missing iPhone, which has already been a whole week all the talk knowledgeable people. But it was really him. Before you contact Apple, to return the discovery, journalists Gizmodo, of course, could not deny myself the pleasure to open the gadget to see what’s inside.