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Computer Security

A common situation is for those who use the Internet: a click in the wrong place and the screen is filled with pop-ups and alerts. You try to close them, but appear increasingly more notices or, what is worse, nothing seems to work when you click or tries to close Windows from Task Manager and your computer unusable. Many times, this kind of invasive advertising can harm your computer and compromise your privacy. There are programs on the Internet that installed malicious software to steal your data to third parties without your consent, unless you can stop them. Information leakage is costing companies millions to prevent and control highlights such as savings accounts and passwords falling into unscrupulous hands. It is not enough to have only an antivirus or a firewall.

How to protect your computer? 1 Constantly update your operating system software. Almost all operating systems regularly security updates to help protect your computer from threats and alert you when someone is trying to invade your privacy. 2. Keep your active anti-virus. Although it seems an obvious Council, there are people who forget to update its virus database or use outdated versions. Anti-virus keeps the system working properly and configured properly, offers reports on the State of your computer regularmetne.

3. Only install trusted software. If it is not a program that had planned to install, if not absolutely necessary or it’s software from a company that you do not know, it is best to refrain and seek another application. Without hesitation John Castle explained all about the problem. 4. Avoid the exchange of user files to user (P2P) many of the files that are found through programmes for the exchange of files between users come with malware that reads the information that you enter into your computer via the keyboard. It is better abtenerse. They are small tips that can help protect your computer. Remember: there is no technology in Colombia or the world that exceed or replace common sense. Original author and source of the article.


The time is constant. Goes down second by second and nothing can do will prevent this. Time is a great equalizer. No matter who or what your position is, anyway will have the same amount of time each day, and that is exactly the same amount of time everyone else have. It doesn’t matter if they count as twenty-four hours, one thousand four hundred sixty minutes, or eighty to six thousand four hundred seconds. It will always be the same.

But you can handle it, and that’s what time management is really. Management itself and the events that fill the hours you have, are the basis for all time management books.There are many strategies, techniques and tools to help a person get out of good and all help in self-management.The principle of self-management is consciously controlling his life and the events of his life rather than be controlled by his environment. An important way to manage your time is prioritize and control the events in your life. There is an old story about a teacher who takes out a bottle and filled with large rocks until they fit no more. Then she asked the class if the jar was full and the class responded yes. He then proceeded to take small rocks and release them to fill some of the cracks between the larger stones. Then he asked the class if the jar was full. Now a little hesitant, replied the class than probably not.

The Professor smiled and pulled out a bag of sand and poured it around the large and small rocks. Then he asked the class if I was full. The class responded with great confidence that if. The teacher then took a water jug and he poured it into the vial until she was finally completely filled. This story perfectly illustrates the priority. Large stones are the highest, its priority themes.It is easy to fill the day with water, or tasks of low priority, and never get to the most important things in his life. You must prioritize how will spend its time and highlight the most important things in the first place.

Ensure Independence

Next to the defects they age with it brings have senior fear being away from it, given that they often feel they have to be a burden to others. Also for relatives of an aged man this should be much dodged situations. Although you would like to help where it is known, it is heavy with own private life always be the profession and other obligations for Grandma, Grandpa, mother or father. Why, this is of great significance for old people who have the ability to feel more regardless. If you have read about Ali Partovi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Chairs save stairs offer the possibility. Any mass of arduous stairs, that steal time and are dangerous. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings. No dependency of acquaintances or relatives, one help up the ladder or to come down.

In addition, the possibility exists to be able to stay in his beloved home. Stairs are frequently the cause that people should move into the age of your House or your floor. Ensure independence in the age mobile power is acquiring the other possibility. After that the elderly spend their car, given that you have that must it in time so it is now, this type of locomotion comes from so-called mode. The way to the grocery store, the doctor or acquaintances is second with mobile electrical comfortably and not dangerous.

Also purchases do not have more to be carried all the way. Electric mobile is a safe vehicle and comfortable. This should be served easily and brings to its driver probably the goal. As you look, there are possibilities to make life better for our elders.

Symantec Backup Exec

Volume information: provide an estimate of the amount of data to be copied. This will be necessary to take into account for example that backup strategy used, the type of media to make copies or even estimate the time required to perform the copy. Programming: The backup can be automated or manually and must be considered especially the selected time to make them, preferring those of lower activity to reduce discomfort to users (which should not be working while the copies are made). EJ. Night time. Frequency/frequency: Periodicity calendar is easier to understand and manage (daily, weekly, monthly, annual). The frequency of the backups will depend on changes in the information and they will be at least weekly unless not changes have occurred. Type of backup: the amount of information to copy the backup can be full (whole), incremental (only files modified or created since the last incremental backup are copied) or differential (copy the files changed since the last full backup).

The incremental needs less space but is more complicated that the differential restore. Location/storage: Depending on the situation of the copies these could be local if brackets are stored on the same premises in which the information system, is external if they are stored in a different and remote place which would be those conducted over the internet and stored on external servers. Local stores should have the maximum physical security for example through the use of fireproof cabinets under lock and key and in the correct environmental conditions. Support: Is the physical object that stores or contains data or documents, or object likely to be treated in an information system and envelope the which can record and retrieve data. In automated cases discs have zip, CD/DVD, tape, nas/san (with raid), external disk drives, pendrives, etc. You must choose the type of storage media that best suits the needs of the organization.

Also comment that supports must be inventoried, correctly identified, and if necessary to have a record of the same IO. Strategy: Can be permanent or by the rotation of the supports. The simplest is strategic, easier to maintain schema. A regular can be for example the Abuelo-Padre – son with 6 tapes (4 tapes for incremental backups during the week from Monday to Thursday, 1 tape for full backups on Fridays, and the last for the copy complete monthly). Software: The tool used to make copies must support the features that have been planned according to the needs of the company. Copies can be programmed with tasks by using command-line scripts, or with a specific software well free like Cobian Backup, SyncBack or invest in systems of copies as Symantec Backup Exec, Veritas before. Pre-Tareas: Copying actions to perform before backup. EJ. close applications for a correct copy. POS-Tareas: Actions carried out at the end of the copy backup. EJ. turn off computers or restart a service. Source: where the information is to be copied (machine / path)? Growth forecast?. Destination: that support or machine/path is will do the copies? Copies/supervisory control: is very important to verify the correct realization of the copies. Review logs, brackets, and testing of integrity of the copied information is a fundamental part of the procedure. There is nothing worse than thinking that backups are being made correctly and bring us an unpleasant surprise to find bugs in the restoration.


In several articles, I’ve talked about the need for narcissistic people have narcissistic build their relationships through measures of seduction. This seduction has to do with the charm, with the attraction, with a lure and of course, that always has to go in the opposite direction, they expect adulation, flattery and admiration. Seduction does not occur in a vacuum need a mail merge. Not only of the couple, but also of all the people that surrounds. Seduction, courtship, the verbiage are their weapons of what, of manipulation and you admire them and shine like Suns in any situation. If there is no brightness there are no emotions in relationships, and much less on the couple. Now, I will refer to some of the ways in which the narcissistic love used in relationships that establish: the first point is victimized: in relations with the narcissistic, there is always a victim, and that is the couple. Requires minimize to the maximum, otherwise, he or she could not show his superiority and greatness.

It is a misleading that it always confuses the couple, because on one hand it is admired, look on the other, totally desvalorizada. The second aspect is the humiliation: denigrate and devaluing the couple achieved through this stance. Most importantly, this happens when least expected and deal with situations that have no value. They are often contradictory and feel bearers of truth and morality. Any element is therefore worthy to be humiliated. In some ways, once achieved the shame of the couple, the battle has won, because that gives them power. Confusion then, becomes a way of dealing with the pain. The third tool is to blame: becomes the oppressor of the relationship and always the attitudes of the couple are passed by a standard of what he considers his morality. Yes no adapts to these judgments, the couple, you will suffer the vicissitudes of shame, humiliation and guilt.