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Castles Of The World

Large buildings that man has always built throughout history have been the subject of admiration, both in the initial moment in which were constructed as today, but highlighted much more those that were built long time ago, because in those days you did not have so many facilities that are currently arranged and however reach very high levels of beauty and admiration, which are also very fine, strong and resistant structures that even with the passage of time and possible confrontations have disappeared. Among these magnificent creations of man that have managed the perpetuity by long history appear the castles, with its monumental structures and styles of medieval times the most famous – and other times a lot more remote, they have earned the admiration of the people. Speaking of castles, the first thing that comes to mind of people are large buildings, with large walls, with the idea of forming walls and which were surrounded by grounds to prevent the passage of the intruders and large bridges that allowed easy access to the castles and its interior were formed from them other structures, both suitable as for war as beautiful lounges making people feel in a magical world, but this image of castles is generally confused with other structures such as palaces, citadels and forts. Therefore to avoid confusion when speaking of the castles is good to give a precise concept about these grandiose buildings, in such a way to refer the castles must understand a structure consisting of a set of buildings that are surrounded by a large and strong wall of a considerable height that obstruct access, then the first thing seen when passing the walls is the courtyard, this environment are a series of dependencies and among these there should be at least a tower used for purposes of dwelling in it. Most of the castles were always built in hunters, which was very useful for the purpose with which they built the majority of the castles, which was counting with a strong and powerful means of defence against different enemies attacks. It is very true that the first castles that were built were very simple and many of them have fallen to several attacks of which were victims, however, with the advancement of time technology and better vision both of war and of architecture allowed the emergence of best castles, with conditions optimum for the warsuch progress gave thanks to the Romans, began to build structures with a surface area of rectangular shape with rounded corners the towers-which allowed a better use the stone for construction, optimised the defense and offered a better range to answer the attacks. Thanks to the above-mentioned features many castles were victorious to various confrontations occur and thus could they endure over time and show is at present not as places of war but as monuments of great attraction.