Technical Metering

Automated information-measuring system of technical metering (AMR ASTUE or TUE) are suitable for metering of electricity within the company to account for energy consumption different needs of individual industries, shops and sites of consumption of energy and planning. Another important task is to back up data ASTUE metering of electricity, ie replacement data. ASTUE helps to identify points of energy waste and to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of energy saving measures, an analysis of accounting data and reducing loss of energy. Data technical account can be used to analyze economic and financial activities of the enterprise. Technical metering system is not subject to state metrological supervision. As a rule, ATSUE include a large number of metering points and are often characterized by large territorial remoteness of places metering.

Company ITP "Systems and Technologies" has extensive experience in building automated information-measuring systems technical account of power and offers its services to design and implement ASTUE. The company also is a supplier of hardware and software and ASTUE AMR. For reference, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY FIRM 'systems and technologies "- a Russian company, founded in 1992, is engaged in building automated information-measuring systems for commercial accounting energy and power (AMR), develops and manufactures hardware and software for automation: AMR, CAM, remote control, as well as the implementation of works on energy efficiency and energy efficiency of industrial plants and facilities housing. The company offers customers a full range of services, from site survey, design and technical specifications tehnorabochego project development of methods for measuring (MVI) and ending with equipment installation and commissioning of the system into operation. Manufactured and supplied equipment is certified in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The company has passed the voluntary certification of "ATS" and complies with the requirements for the production and delivery of equipment and materials, pre-surveys, design, installation and commissioning work. MIS "Pyramid" and RTU "Seacon C50" correspond to the mandatory requirements and the main recommendations of OAO "UES FGC" to build facilities for AMR UNEG.