Private low-rise building on the monolithic housing construction differs slightly from his brother the giant multi-storey building. In the private sector and low-rise is not beneficial use of industrial technological methods, so building erected with the use of light concrete panel. After the end of this building serves as the casing and insulation. Technologically, the monolithic construction of houses concreting detail comes out in two stages. Constructing a special fence – the formwork, then it is placed rebar and pour concrete.

After that, wait until the concrete hardens, and the formwork is removed. Permanent formwork allows quickly get a pretty high-quality design, usually requiring no additional insulation of the building was built. This advanced technology allows you to build almost any houses – tiny cottages, small cottages, large houses and even flats (up to six – seven floors)! Furthermore, using permanent formwork can be built and public and non-residential buildings – office centers, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities and warehouses. Permanent formwork is composed of special units of polystyrene – very light (weighing 23 to 27 kg / cubic meter.) Hollow blocks, which can be installed by one person. The range of modules retained formwork for walls is quite large and allows to choose the elements necessary not only to generate direct sections of the wall and bay, but also pick up concrete panel units with the necessary thickness of the outer insulation in accordance with the specific climatic conditions.

Vertically between a dock such products through special projections (bosses), located on the upper surface of the product, such as children's building designers. Before the traditional techniques of construction of buildings in concrete panel has many advantages. Construction of private houses by this method is quick – two-storey cottage size of seven to eight meters can be traced for six weeks. The walls are relatively easy compared with the brick. Hence, the load on the foundation and the soil will be quite low. That is why the construction of such Technology is often a good solution for those owners who wish to build a warm and safe home in the area with poor soil. Also, construction technology with the use of permanent form suitable willing remodel the old house, for example, make a roof or on a standard add-storey single-story farmhouse. This will add little burden on the walls of the ground floor and basement. Expanded polystyrene is excellent retains the cold. Therefore, the structure will not have to heavily insulate with fiberglass or mineral wool slabs. To top it all Styrofoam does not rot, does not become wet and covered with mold. And do not even cause any allergic reactions. Another principal feature of the fireproof – referred to as self-extinguishing polystyrene foam materials.