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As no confused and make sense of this diversity? How to choose your design project apartment? Of course, all these questions is no universal answer, because all people are unique, and hence the idea of coziness and comfort in all different. Some like a light bright design renovation of apartments, and someone more inclined to the classics. So that there can be no consensus, because only you know what kind of design project apartment you want. However, despite all the abundance of opportunities in the creation of the design project of apartments, as in any other case, has its pitfalls. There are many ways to address such issues, such as using different colors in a design project apartments.

One way to create a beautiful design of repairs for rent – use different colors. A well-chosen and well-designed color will create the design required repairs flat mood. Distinguish between warm and cool colors. To apply a warm red and orange colors, as well as all their shades. By the cold – blue, blue, and the whole group of blue-green and blue-violet tones. It is worth noting that the warm intense colors look closer, they are called acting.

Cold is the color seem more distant, therefore they are called receding. When you create an interior of the apartment is first necessary to determine the choice of colors. For of professional architects, designers, engineers use computer software AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3D Studio max. The program design helps to visualize the apartment to pick up the color composition for the interior design flats, as these programs allow you to make a preliminary design photo kvartiry.Steny bear the greatest burden in the color design of the apartment, and are the backdrop for furniture and decorative objects. Quiet background gives furniture a great expression and, conversely, brightly painted walls decorated with a large diversity of produce. If the furniture is massive, it even more impressive it will look in the interior with white walls. With bright walls will be organically combined simple monochrome furniture. By selecting the color should be treated with special care, do not be afraid to experiment with it. With color, you can not only create an aesthetically harmonious space, but such a design Apartments project, which will be satisfied. Now, many companies offer their services for the design of apartments in Moscow, but when ordering such services should carefully review their existing portfolio (Photo provided services).