The Interior

On the back of the 32 x 8 x 34 centimeter are attached to an Ethernet network port and two power connectors. The internal 110-230 volt power supply can be hedged through an additional 5/12 volt supply via an external power supply. The Interior of the box consists of 5 x 14 inches large industrial mainboard NOVA C400 a 19, based on a VIA chip set. The processor, an Intel Celeron with 400 MHz clock frequency, hiding under passive cooling elements. The two NICs on the motherboard is forwarded only a connection to the outside. The memory comes from Kingston a 512 MB SD-RAM module with 133 MHz clock rate.

The two 160 GByte of the Samsung drives organized as RAID-1 array be permanently cooled by an another great fan. First commissioning: resourceful administrators are required. After the user connects the device with the mains power supply and the network, it automatically starts, the appliance has no on/off switch. The first Boat operation took around five minutes in our tests. After this process is complete, the LCD displayed the current time. The system in the network finds a DHCP server, as it refers to an IP address of this server automatically. Who operates no DHCP servers or for other reasons would like to award a fixed IP address for the appliance, can set a static IP address via the push buttons on the unit. Because the device without manual, but only with very Spartan folders in the DIN-A5 format is shipped, experienced administrators are asked during the installation.

A user with little experience in the installation and commissioning of a network device and a mail server will do here are difficult. The provider should supply necessarily a complete and detailed guide, which describes all functions of the appliance. “” So it was initially completely unclear to us, what is the idea behind the network settings Office “and home to” hidden.