The Key

Any case, any situation in which we feel lazy, the situation in which we have unlikely to make us stand up and bring him the candy. And not just to bring, and do it without laziness, and with a joyful expression on his face. Most likely, at the same moment, we do not go for it. No, not because we feel sorry for spending the product. It is something else: “Now the key point in this entertaining film” or “a couple of minutes go to drink tea, or yeah whatever And if you look deeper, it turns out that we just simply do not want to do it. Therefore, the only way to defeat my laziness – to acquire this same desire. In other words, the formula looks like this: There are too lazy => no desire, there is a desire => no laziness. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. “Laziness” and “desire to do anything” – these are two incompatible concepts.

And that’s just a “lack of willingness” can be very different reasons. This lack of interest and lack of motivation, and even fear. In fact, and perhaps at first glance, this sounds incredible – live without laziness really. The first and most important secret of how to do this is to answer the question: “Do I have to do the deal, under which, I feel lazy?” Do we need to run to 3 miles every morning, if we prefer to train in the evening in the gym, and even do it with your friends? And, again, it’s shaped sample, one in a million. When you feel lazy? Do you need to know what you’re going to do? Can be, you have the desire to achieve your goal another way? How many questions. Is not it? 🙂 In fact, for such thoughts almost instantly. Do not read. Try it! And you wonder how much time you will save when you do not have to force yourself. When you’re happy doing what you really want. You should not consider yourself lazy. It makes no sense to fight with my laziness. It must be defeated. And to make it simple and peaceful way. and only then will we be able to do all their business is really “no laziness and poverty.”.