The Legal Agency Today

To date, the legal agency – this is usually wide-legal company that has a large range of legal services to citizens – individuals and businesses – legal persons. What can to offer such an organization a modern man? Perhaps all citizens of our great country, who live in large metropolitan areas and in sparsely populated settlements had problems or disputes legal nature. Such questions today are relevant for virtually every citizen of every age and sex. Sooner or later, with questions of a legal nature, whether civil rights or elementary consultation, facing any person residing in the city. This may have questions about registration and entry into the right to inherit; registration of property rights as a movable and real estate; protection of violated rights (eg: protection of the rights of car owners, in case of accident or exceeded his authority by traffic policemen), settlement of disputes (for example: family, employment, housing disputes), etc. Is not secret that the majority of our population is legally illiterate and estesstvenno, unprotected from the attacks on the violation of their rights. With respect to the companies – legal entities, there is a list provided by modern legal services companies, no less impressive. If we consider the services of the area of business law, modern legal agencies are ready to offer its customers a wide range of services for registration, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises, as well as working with the founding documents and much more.

Because of the need for thorough evaluation of all aspects and delays in carrying out large transactions, many company bought the service of legal transaction and review of documents. In today's Russian reality, there are cases, violations of rights of legal entities in respect of trademarks and patented inventions and products. To resolve such questions in the course are legal tools of lawyers. Larger organizations can afford to keep the state's own lawyer, and sometimes the whole legal department, which handles all legal matters of the organization. Those enterprises that do not have at their disposal a staff lawyer, use the services of legal agencies. In recent years, gaining popularity Service – legal service and support. In this case, the organization concluded a treaty on long-term service to the legal agency for a period of three months to a year, which were later prolonged if it is still relevant.