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When installing a large number of material is very difficult to find what you need, as the name of folders libraries do not always coincide in subdirectories. For example, the model in the folder 'Character' may be referred to as 'Clothing dress long V3', and texture to it in the folder 'Pose' – 'MAT dress V3' or perhaps 'Cloth V3'. So look for. And your flag in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Although with a strong desire can certainly open the main file of the geometry in notepad and look for links to additional files, including files on the item. View as undiscovered or once folders graphical visualizer you can see, nor give anything. And even if already formed, provided that you have that folder open, to find among the many hundreds of libraries, a model for the image too scanty still quite problematic. That had to seek instalyak, unpacking into a folder to view the unit subdirectories.

(By the way, if someone knows the solution to the problem with the creation of perevyushek automatically, without incitement to each rsr file a special tool or opening the library after installation, will be inordinately grateful for the tip). There are several solutions to this issue. First proposed by the developer. No secret that it is possible to connect an additional folder Runtime during the program. The bottom line. You must create two or more folders with the name 'Runtime', lying in different places. In a 'Runtime' for you, for example, is all for Vicky to another 'Runtime' for all of Misha in the next 'Runtime' for all etc.