The System

The electoral system is responsible for the transformation of the votes of the voters in positions of legislative representation in or the executive one and for times, in some the cases, in the judiciary one. Variations of the main electoral systems exist, these variations occur in consequncia of the culture of a people, but basically only three predominate that they are: systems majority, in which the most voted they are elect to the position that it pled, that is, the majority chooses the representatives politicians; proportional systems, equality of votes in relation to the amount of vacant, in this direction is not the majority and yes the existing proportionality numbers of votes and vacant, that is I number, it of been valid votes is divided I number by it of existing vacant; derived systems and mixing systems are considered a way between majority and the proportional one, in which correction of imperfections occurred in such a way provides in it as in the majority one and if it presented one better option, what it would not be in fact a system politician and yes a perfectioning of that already they had been illustrated. Whichever the electoral system, it always will be a condicionante of the partisan system and the system of government. system of partisan nothing more is that the organizations of citizens whom they search to participate in disputes politics, these organizations search to legitimize the ideology that represent. It is also, a system of population representation, therefore it understands the ideology of a significant parcel of the society. The partisan system is related to the government system, therefore its distanciamento of the system of invigorating government is object of rejection and incompreenso..