Treatment Methods Against Toothache

What is the best treatment for toothache? Tooth pain occur for many different reasons. So cold or hot food and drinks can cause temporary tooth pain. This type of pain often indicate damage to the enamel. However, acute, severe pain attacks are more a sign of inflammation of the tooth marks. No matter what the cause of tooth pain, they are usually so severe that they would perform any pain treatment without thinking and immediately all possible pain relievers from a shipping pharmacy or Internet pharmacy of new Pillenpharm wants to get delivered.

The toothache occur initially, caries when brushing your teeth at dinner or during cold or heat stimuli. If nothing is done, the caries can worsen and cause persistent pain. Acute onset, very strong pain indicate an inflammation of the tooth marks and the nerve. The tooth decay is in the destruction occurring in almost all people in the industrialized countries hard tooth substances. In the plaque, fermentation products that weaken the tooth substance acid-forming bacteria evolve with help. The caries starts usually at the points of the teeth where tooth coverings are insufficiently removed by tooth brushing.

The saliva also plays an important role. He is not only taken food with liquid, but has also a germicidal effect. If these antibacterial effect is reduced, this in turn favours the formation of plaque, tartar, and subsequently also leads to tooth decay. An untreated tooth decay it can cause pulp diseases and Wurzelhautentzundungen, which can lead to tooth loss. Inflamed gums are red and hurts. Respectively for the bite to eat can cause bleeding of the gums. Inflammation of the gums can take both an acute and a chronic course. There are more bacteria in the oral cavity. Dental and oral care are neglected, tooth surfaces and Tartar not away, sit fillings, crowns and this gingivitis can favor as prostheses, such as a poor general condition, longer disease, vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes, or poisoning by metals. As nutrition tips you should observe the following: sugar consumption one should be limited for the sake of his teeth to a minimum. You chew your food more thoroughly, because chewing full-fledged food (whole-grain bread, fresh fruits, salads) and not entirely zerkochter food, causes a certain self cleaning of the teeth, strengthens the gums, the jawbone and the entire Kaumuskulatur. Also promotes vigorous chewing the saliva and thus improves the digestive processes in the mouth. Vitamin C increases the defences of the gum. Put it best in the form of citrus fruit into. It would be absolutely perfect every day to eat a whole lemon.