The book mentions that this generation grew up with a feeling of anger against their parents. They criticize them for staying so long outside because of the work. Mentions that many parents try to compensate for this absence by granting permissions and privileges with little discipline and boundaries. There are many cases that parents feel obliged to maintain economically although children who are now adults. This produces consequences such as poor skills and attitudes in the emotional aspect and the character, denial of sacrifice and work for the achievement of goals and an invitation to depression, anxiety, addictions, loneliness and even extreme cases of suicide. I wanted to touch this topic, because I think that one of the biggest concerns we have parents, is to know what will happen to our children when they enter a company. And it is that it is not enough to know that they had good grades in college and University.

The process of maturity is increasingly longer; It is said that the period of adolescence has been extended until the age of 32 in average. The problems of communication between parents and children moved easily to the companies and are cause for a bad relationship with the boss and colleagues. The excess of competitiveness that breathes in the atmosphere creates many difficulties for example teamwork, and develop values that the company needs. In the next newsletter we will continue with the second part; We will make a very interesting description of the behaviors of the Millennium generation and its impact on the company. We’ll discuss your skills for the use of the technology that sometimes make us feel out of wave. Until the next.