VAJASOFT Presents New Version

In addition to new features, users receive also a revised user interface, a higher safety and improved working speed. The Dresdner VAJASOFT GmbH has released a new version of the comprehensive inventory software VAJASOFT AIS. The program version VAJASOFT 2014 with AIS users in addition to new features also a revised user interface. Also, improves safety and increases the operating speed of the software. New program features the inventory software VAJASOFT AIS offers in the 2014 numerous new functions.

Among others, the new edition offers advanced search and filters, which allow a faster and more comfortable way of working. It is also new to attach notes and even documents to individual records. Also the data export feature has been revised and now meets the statutory GDPdU standard for the storage of digital documents on request. Customized interface users of VAJASOFT AIS 2014 can the program individually customize interface, making access to frequently used functions is made easier. For a consistent look and feel, you can recently adapted the inventory software’s interface to the corporate identity of the company. Improved security and performance at all times, to ensure data security, it is in AIS 2014 possible, to set up usernames and passwords to log on to the mobile scanners. Users due to faster database queries will benefit from the increased operating speed. VAJASOFT also optimized the individual program modules, so that files are exchanged faster with the connected system accounting or other third-party systems.

In addition, the performance has been improved MOBILE by AIS which allows a faster work with the bar-code scanners and the radio-based RFID readers. About VAJASOFT GmbH VAJASOFT GmbH has its headquarters in Dresden and is the leading provider of inventory solutions. VAJASOFT offers industry-independent solutions around the topic of inventory software and inventory implementation. VAJASOFT is one Companies of any size, as well as municipalities and institutions among its clientele. Also plants belong to the portfolio in addition to automated inventory systems management systems, as well as the implementation of inventories, workshops and inventory consulting.