Venezuela University

It is required in the new changes analyze variables such as: school readiness of the student, social and economic factors, problems of academic structure, educational management, performance of the teachers, programs of studies, systematic cohesion of priorities, laboratories and up-to-date libraries, pedagogy, research. Not is can remain dogmatic, should increase motivation, student participation and arouse the creativity of the student. To all this must add also that it should not surprise us that today, the dynamic nature of science and technology, the democratization of forms of coexistence and the activity of youth force to definitively abandon dogmatic forms of education and replace the old principle of the magister dixit by active forms through which the teacher and students reconstituted or They jointly elaborate the contents of knowledge, through the implementation and exercise of the corresponding methodology. While this principle is fully accepted and their incorporation into university teaching is an essential goal of reform, in practice many obstacles are still opposed. Here, that Krebs said quite rightly that the old encyclopedic and positivist conception, as well as a misunderstanding humanism, induce to keep thinking about the need to convey to the student a particular canon of global knowledge.

This translates into a large number of subjects, teaching primarily based on memorization and a formal evaluation that measures the mere knowledge of the subject, preferably the repetition of thoughts of others and avoids own contributions. As a result, the student has few opportunities to make a real experience of scientific work and often stops at the surface of the science or simply repeat knowledge from the past that some professors have eternalised. This is also one of the reasons of the because many students frustrate you and feel strongly motivated by funding problems, and that they devote much of their time and their energies not to his studies, but to other activities, is wasting a talent. It is time to make changes that give step to real and effective evaluation of programs offered by some universities and educational institutions where no requirements are specified and necessary requirements to the problems of the moment that den solutions, nor make explicit the objectives to achieve, nor describe the ideal graduate profile needed. Do not denote congruence between its academic structure and the problems posed to resolve.

It is required to evaluate the lines of investigation that must be developed, as well as educational plans to be implemented, its consistency and interrelation e.g. in programs of studies, in its priorities, as also the degree of flexibility provided. Should make a careful examination of the relationships between the University through its faculties and the society and fashion as they can contribute in the development of the region, in the country-. The demagogic and merely sentimental approaches should be avoided. That should not be the University many times through infiltrators gives way to social revolution, instability, street agitation, protests violence, loss of time, where the very existence of the University is put into play… The authorities should be more vigilant of insecurity which at present is given in universities, where has contributed to discredit the University before public opinion. The University must influence the social process, culturally with their own means, which are the means of knowledge, currently Venezuela faces a turbulent scenario, where the participation of the University should be more dynamic with discussions, proposals, where its teachers are more proactive. Should be impatience that by solutions must not lead to choose the comfortable path of verbal protest and empty rhetoric.