Water Conditions

Photovoltaics allow a sufficiently large bending without damaging Sat Solar cells themselves are hermetically sealed in plastic. Operating ambient temperature for a solar battery from -20 to +50 oC. The following describes my experience of using solar panels to recharge a mobile phone in field conditions. Tests were conducted in Water hike, which prohodil9-June 12, 2007 speaking on the river (the boundary of Kaluga and Smolensk regions). For the tests I took with me a solar panel scn-2 / 6, the mobile phone Alcatel OT512 (with a completely discharged battery, 3.7V, 600 mAh), voltmeter and the necessary wiring for switching devices with each other.

The first day was a beautiful bright sun, but I was not able to experiment with charging the phone because of the lack of free time. It was necessary to quickly build canoes and to withdraw from the parking lot. Opportunity for experience came the morning of the second day, but, naturally, the weather turned bad. The sky was densely covered with clouds. uvelichitNo I still decided to check out the work of the Council in these adverse conditions. For a start connected to Sat only a voltmeter and got the result you see in the pictures. Then connect to the Sat Phone and Charge your phone does not nachalas.Vyvod such. When dense Sat cloud produces enough energy to recharge or power the electronic device.

Had to be postponed eksperiments charge your phone until better weather conditions. These conditions have come to the next Sat den.Proveryat work I started at 8.45 am. The sky was covered with thin clouds, through which the sun warmed significantly. uvelichitTak looked gathered my design. By Sat charging connected cell phone, and parallel to it attached to a voltmeter. zoom zoom zoom data of weather conditions (I want to note that far from optimal for SC) in full was enough to choby SBuverenno charge mobile phone. As soon as I cross-connected all devices to each other, just phone battery. The charging process lasted 15 minutes (from 8.45 to 9.00). During this time the phone zaryadilsyana so much that I was able to call him and talk a little more than 1 minute. I think that the claimed 1-2 hours – etovolne real time to fully charge the phone battery. I want to note that during the Security Council in its output voltage was not rigidly fixed (see photos). Because uneven flow of solar energy output voltage Sat varied. In my case, this point will not affect the charging of the phone. But for the technique more sensitive to input voltage variations do Sat neobhodimona output set voltage (adapter). uvelichitPosle tests can confirm that the Security actually exists and works:) the published specifications Sat provides. In marching Sat conditions may indeed be an alternative to conventional sources of electricity (batteries, accumulators, etc.).