William Schafer

Takeuchi has brought a new coma Pact cycling squad number on the market Takeuchi has brought a new coma Pact cycling squad number on the market, distributed by the firm of William Schafer from Mannheim. The TW 9, an articulated compact wheel loader of 5-t-class is part of the series. “He is not only exceptional structural quality, but it also fitted with equipment provided, which lift him in the qualitative special”, it says. Constructively, the articulated steering allows a high flexibility in confined spaces. The rear axle is a swing axle (10). It absorbs shocks, what relieves the driver, and allows the weight of the whole machine on the tool such as levelling. This reduces the stress of the machine and raise the comfort. Also, in conjunction with the long wheelbase of model, to avoid a strong swings when working with heavy loads.

The used Z-kinematics provides high breakout forces. Also the third additional control circuit for which is the proportional hydraulic valve Working hydraulics control. The driver must permanently fully focused work. Therefore, the skid steer loaders Takeuchi TW 9 offers comfort for the driver. The full view-ROPS steel cabin is equipped with fresh air filter, two elastic bearing doors, Panorama security glazing and a cabin heater with windshield defrosting. Also the air-sprung comfort seat belongs to the standard equipment. “All this is ultimately, that the driver always fully focused and can work effectively with the skid steer loader” is emphasized.

Thanks to a series of further equipment characteristics, this is possible on all possible construction sites with many different requirements. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. So, it used a newly developed hydraulic quick coupler that is compatible with the market. He is also designed so that the driver has a good view of the attachments and the locking bolt. This also applies to working with a pallet fork. Quickly and easily with the hydraulic lines of the wheel loader to connect hydraulically powered attachments, is the Taklock schnellkupplungssystem offered.