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So far has been spoken of on how to create a blog, getting started, help for your blog, a good template, help for your blog site map help your blog. For assistance, try visiting Dermot McCormack. Manner that is, type of what you write is, is obvious that what we want is to reach the maximum number of readers, but as. Is it enough to write? No! The first thing we need to do once reviewed our article and decided that it is worth placing on our site it is starting to promote it. It is important to take account of the details of his own article and just as we do a spelling or grammar, correction must take special interest in starting to optimize that article from the base. Blogger is not a content management system like WordPress that automates that topic with pluggins for this, so we need to do it manually, which continues to be a laborious job, more when we do not know very well the HTML. My system consists of clearly defining basics like which are the keywords that I will use for this article, which is the description and leave you always end the title of the same. With all this I open a document of text of each of my articles and in the I’m giving shape to these points, which then colocare blogger. Revised once I put it in a new blog entry and I’ll it placing one keywords that I decided to bold, small trick that he facilitates the search engines define what are the most important and therefore I have more options to leading positions.

In the same way, highlighted in bold the item description, which I try to be the principle of the same, and thus that the search engine identify my description more easily. Do not forget to place the description of one to three key words that are repeated throughout the article. Finally decide the title, which has a relationship with content and clearly identify the article. In an attempt to put a keyword that will facilitate the connection with the rest and if this word appears in the description would be ideal. A little trick consists, once decided the title, put it in Google and in this way we see which can be our competition in that title and which of them are approaching our content. With a few minor modifications in the title, seeing our competition can win some positions without completely changing the title of our article. We put our links, whether of affiliate programs, affiliate Elite is very good, web that are relevant to our content or related articles to facilitate navigation in our blog and we already have our article complete and optimized. We can only optimisation in the HTML of our template, but as it is a more laborious affair, I leave it to the next article as it well deserves a unique space.