World History

World History of Trojan souvenirs. Frivolous lessons advertising policy. Advertising rules the world with a firm hand. It changes the masks, masks, make turns when we wave our fiercely at her fly swatter – annoying go away! She's ready do good deeds in Santa Claus and giving presents, it's a clever masking the incomprehensible word "promotion". Catch advertising arm, or whatever it? Especially since the enemy must know in person.

Especially because tomorrow it may be every need to be on the other side of the barricades. The more we talk quite seriously. What is promooushn or promotional event? Words clearly from the new, but is it true? Let's try to take some lessons from the history of non-serious. The first experience of mankind in the promotions associated with the use of advertising souvenirs, known thoroughly. This is a project of the first promoter, better known in advertising circles as professionallnyh Serpent. From that moment on the countdown has complicated history of souvenirs and gifts. Of course, the experience was not entirely successful. Especially for advertising audience – Adam and Eve.

Moreover – there was a blatant consumer fraud and a striking example misleading advertising. But the words of the song did not throw it away, and it still is a serious indication that advertising and souvenirs – gifts and souvenirs that are used in promotions by age almost peers humanity. All the difference – in the goal action. In any case (excuse me for quoting ABC) – advertising – is a tool that forces a person to do things (or buying) that often he himself hardly did, while of sound mind and memory.