Computer Science

This educative intention favors the full formation of the personality of the citizen through the dialectic that includes instructive and the educative one where the first one contributes in the act to teach through strategies, objectives, resources, methods, evaluation presented by the professor to promote as through the appropriation of the information transformed into knowledge for the pupil who of ownership of this instrument that are the knowledge can solve real, concrete situation-problems collectively lived deeply individually or. Computer science and its mega to be able of communication have breached barriers of space and time as none another didactic resource. Each time plus it occupies a bigger space in the language, the culture, in life of the human being and mainly in pedagogical making. The computer if makes gift in the one of day-by-day of the school as an instrument capable to revolutionize the education. The product of all this process is the education that if presents under the form of knowledge that to the being constructed for the pupil in a organizacional dialectic where cerne of the question is the proper pupil and from this and of its real necessities all the pertaining to school context is organized with all its regulating components of the process integrated education/learning having considered the involved human beings and its multiple dimensions and that these dimensions must guide and reorient the educative process in this was of the technologies of the communication and the information especially, the computer, computer science and the Internet that they are resources that the areas open doors for all ofthe knowledge in practical one educative progressive.

' ' We are witnessing an unknown revolution in the history of the humanity who if bases on the access, processing and communication of information that is made possible by the contact each narrower time between the minds human beings and the technologies digitais.' ' (CASTELLS, 2000) All educator has that to perceive the challenges that must be lived deeply and be surpassed in this digital age, in this context of obstacles and overcomings the technologies of computer science are tools capable to implement in the school, in the education unimaginable dantes radical changes and that now they are to one clik of the pupil transforming this into a being capable to follow the evolution of the modern times and to modify the pertaining to school paradigms, relations, and procedures promoting significant, transforming an education of the individual, the school and the society. One perceives that and traditional education is inefficacious for the current world. New habits and educative methods demand that the man searchs a learning more creative, interactive and integrated in the formation of the young. to learn and to teach one gets excited constantly due to the excess of received information. Through computer science the pupil can acquire an ability in enormous technology the bridge to surpass the educator. CASTELLS, M. the Society in Net. So Paulo: Peace and Land, 2000. IT HISSES, Maria Beatriz C.C.Costa, RIZZO Raquel, BRANDO, Slvia Fernanda M. the school and the formative process in the age of Available in: