The Concern

How much to the origin of the indiscipline centered in the professor ' ' form of necessary communication is necessary between the pairs is established it so that the significant learning occurs realmente' ' (Nunes, et. al. 2006). The establishment of this communication cannot originate the indisciplinado behavior, therefore the pupil can understand the lack of dialogue of the professor as indifference. The concern of the professor with the development of the pupil constitutes a sentimental base for this, and the dialogue between them represents this concern it undoes the perception of indifference, being thus, this communication between the pupil and the professor are an excellent factor for the behavior of the pupil. How much to the family the indiscipline is generated by the inadequate behavior of the parents. ' ' It is in house through that they educate in them and that initially they serve in them of model, that our moral principles and ticos&#039 will go to form themselves; ' (Rabbit, 2006, p.25). These are requisite basic for the good behavior in the other sectors of the society, also in the school.

How much to the educative institution, the indiscipline appears when this does not respect the individuality of the pupils in view of the great diversity of behaviors. To this respect, Freire affirms: ' ' A school project that searchs the formation of the necessary citizenship to have as objective: to treat the individuals with dignity, with respect to the divergence, valuing what each one has of good; to make with that the school if becomes more brought up to date, so that the pupils like it; e, still, to guarantee space for the construction of knowledge scientific, that they contribute for a criticized analysis realidade' ' (Freire apud Nunes, et. al. 2006). One another justification for the origin of the indiscipline if relates to the personality of the individual, that is, the indiscipline would be innate, defined internally for biological factors, and by being part of the individual it could not be modified or it would practically be impossible to modify.