Chilean Officials

Chilean officials said this weekend that will create a mock-based petroleum products such as oil as a third option to rescue the 33 miners trapped underground since August 05. The idea, which is Plan C, could be the fastest of the three options currently in progress. However, drill to be used must be transported from Iquique, a city in the North of Chile, and then install it in laz ona of the disaster. The drill is expected to be in operation by mid-September. However, the estimated time needed for rescue workers has not changed. This clearly depends on the conditions of the terrain and the technology used, according to official sources workers will be not taken out of the mine until November or early December.

The previous week a new drill gave a new meaning to what is the hope that engineers can reach the miners in just two months. The drill, which is normally used for drilling for water, is part of plan B. It is a technology not tested in a mine rescue. The first plan, Plan A, involves the use of a drill vertically towards the shelter where the miners are sencuentran. Engineers say that the drill should reach a distance of about 701 meters. It has been estimated the plan would take between three and four months to complete. Plan B secaracteriza for being a drill-based products made with petroleum derivatives digging at an angle of approximately of 80 degrees in an area of the mine well that is used as a mechanical workshop. That distance, engineers estimate that it is around 620 metres.

Plan C would be necessary to drill 600 metres. Meanwhile, rescue teams are continuing with their first two plans. The advantage is that three plans can be carried out at the same time and thus see which approaches to mine more quickly from different directions.


Before even that the DNI nicknamed the chip of the electronic signature, the lawyers was provided us our professional meat with such anticipation. And with a futuristic elevated positivism, he spoke of an imminent procedural revolution. It’s been years, and the virtuality of this tool, but null is currently very low. All are convinced that new information technologies lead a metamorphosis of our profession. Without going any further, the other day celebrated a trial with a companion of advanced age, labor lawyer, who came to room with an iPad, as sole support or tool.

However, it seems that we are not able to find the way up to that point, every time that recently operated reform has focused rather on the optimisation of processes. Which is not negative nor exclusive, and can be the first decisive step, everything is said. The truth is that our justice moves with the slowness of an elephant, both in its day-to-day operations and in addressing the changes and needs greater agility to give timely responses. Perhaps the future debate focuses on how to implement electronically notifications to all parts of a process, when I personally think it is easier than all that, as is a waste of time duplicate (or multiply) files, are virtual or physical. There must be one only, the judicial, located on a server protected by the Ministry of justice. And all those involved, procurators, lawyers, Secretaries, judges and staff members access through accredited electronic signature.

Just as prosecutors have to be notified daily physically, according to this new implementation would do so with the same regularity, although with computer evidence. The various writings of the parties would be submitted telepathically, remaining linked but not integrated into cars while they do not diligencien. The transfer of copies between the parties equally simplify with consequent saving of time, paper and money.


The book mentions that this generation grew up with a feeling of anger against their parents. They criticize them for staying so long outside because of the work. Mentions that many parents try to compensate for this absence by granting permissions and privileges with little discipline and boundaries. There are many cases that parents feel obliged to maintain economically although children who are now adults. This produces consequences such as poor skills and attitudes in the emotional aspect and the character, denial of sacrifice and work for the achievement of goals and an invitation to depression, anxiety, addictions, loneliness and even extreme cases of suicide. I wanted to touch this topic, because I think that one of the biggest concerns we have parents, is to know what will happen to our children when they enter a company. And it is that it is not enough to know that they had good grades in college and University.

The process of maturity is increasingly longer; It is said that the period of adolescence has been extended until the age of 32 in average. The problems of communication between parents and children moved easily to the companies and are cause for a bad relationship with the boss and colleagues. The excess of competitiveness that breathes in the atmosphere creates many difficulties for example teamwork, and develop values that the company needs. In the next newsletter we will continue with the second part; We will make a very interesting description of the behaviors of the Millennium generation and its impact on the company. We’ll discuss your skills for the use of the technology that sometimes make us feel out of wave. Until the next.


General, scope and impact every scholar of administrative science cannot ignore the role that represent factors of contingencies, as well as the contingency involves, the possibility that a thing happens or does not happen. Something uncertain or eventual, proposition whose truth or falsity can be only known by experience or by evidence, not by reason. A good manager must have knowledge that encourage you to know determine the scope, impact and characteristics as the present scenarios where businesses operate manifest you contingency factors. It must be clear in what represents the theory of contingency, which indicates, that organizational effectiveness cannot be achieved by following a unique and exclusive organizational model, i.e., does not exist a unique shape that is best to organize itself, in order to achieve the different objectives of organizations within an also changing environment. Jose Ramirez appointment, that contingent vision is at the end of accounts aimed at suggest outlines organizational and managerial actions most appropriate for specific situations.

The authors who defend the contingency theory show a great consensus on common themes such as: They are unanimous in the rejection of the universal principles of the Administration, there is a better way to manage or organize. The work done by administrators depends on the circumstances or environment. The administrative practice is situational, for which the administrator should develop their skills of diagnostics for the precise idea at the right time. The contingent approach is applicable to a without number of administrative skills, mainly those that involve components of behavior since then, there are the so-called external factors, as the inmates on the first may be indicated as Jose Ramirez, reminds us that these external factors, according to (Hall, 1973), is they can be divided into general conditions and specific influences. The first are aspects such as technological, economic, legal and political variables, while the latter are composed of issues particularly affecting such organization, such as other organizations or key individuals.