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But it can also be seen that there are several constants that are repeated in the history of the ups and downs inclusion-exclusion. First, it is prevented, directly, the integration through measures to eradicate them. Second, it is prevented, directly, through offers integration impossible to accept because in any case solve their problems, but make it worse. Third, it is prevented, directly, integration, by proclaiming his disparagement laws mandating the same settlement, without providing any concrete measures to this effect. And above all, integration is prevented because the willingness to accept that society has to host the marginalized ethnic minority is a function of competition at any time and place that minority poses to the social sectors of the lower classes of So depend on the overall abundance or scarcity, or not to allow the Roma to form, finally, with a united society payos multiethnic.

But this is precisely the part of the Roma, awareness of their position in the social fabric and also specifies the means materials and legislation. It is necessary that the Administration has in mind some things, and assume: one that the Roma, for now, vote soon, and therefore, the administrative action will only be responsible but not necessarily profitable, second, that there will be no effective measures that are made for achieving the necessary economic means, whose social return is long term, the third has to do with their own programs and measures to be taken to respect ethnic integration of the Roma, which prevents any degree of effectiveness measures of general application and recommends specific actions, specific and tailored. And as the poet said: "Mother of the soul, / I was born gypsy, / if I'm not good / for nothing." Francisco Arias Solis The revolution will distribute the property, peace and harmony among all the inhabitants of the earth, without taking any account of differences of color and race, and make into a family fraternity to all men . (Sentence Fermin Salvochea glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea) of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL:

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Models Of Washing Machines Brands

In the current period's leading manufacturers of household appliances regularly show the world new, innovative, extremely comfortable, well-thought units. Most of them are literally crammed with features, which are earlier and dream was not necessary. Indeed, modern technology allows the well-known manufacturers to create amazing, fantastic models, including washing machines. For example, in some modern washing machines, there is a system . Steam into the drum not only allows better wash out clothes, but also to disinfect it – without messing up and not leaving the room. By the way, the system provides users opportunity and to wash clothes, and simply (without washing), stripped him, eliminating unpleasant odors or bruising of things. Some modern washing machines are equipped with antibacterial cleaning clothes with silver ions (Silver Nano). These same ions are not visible to the human eye, and almost one hundred per cent eliminate things from the bacteria while simultaneously preventing the emergence of the latter over a long period.

Particular attention is attracted by such innovations as ceramic coating petn (heating element). Such a coating prevents lime scale. The obvious advantage of new washing machines from manufacturers is the availability of night mode. This is extremely convenient. Indeed, low noise level allows users to erase at any time, without disturbing others.

Consumers attracted by the wide range of programs through which the machine can be wash any clothes, including the most subtle and gentle. Extremely attractive feature of many innovative washing machines is a function of ironing, which allows things do not wrinkle, even after washing. In addition to excellent Filling users happy and the new design of washing machines of prestigious brands. Some of them are now equipped with a large size – slightly tilted forward – underwear hole, significantly facilitates the download. Very attractive innovations many washing machines is the ability to control the activities of the unit remotely, using a monitor and remote control system. In fact, modern washing machines have many obvious advantages, including optimized modes washing efficiency and absolute reliability.


The same thing happens in the architecture of a particular house, where the repetitive and unique elements are the windows, balconies, decorative ornaments, structural parts, etc. For home phenomenon inevitable. However, in terms of mass construction, with its high-volume industrial and manufactured items, the problem of repeatability and uniqueness of very acute. Large repeat the key elements in the house, and homes in the building, led to the degradation of the appearance of new areas and cities. In today's world is continuously developing a variety of advanced technology industrial house to get rid of the hard "Board" the assembly line and get the individual architectural homes. Spatial location of residential development, as well as a form of house is not only a consequence of their characteristic features.

In these cases, significant impact of external factors. Disposition of residential group shows the impact of topography, wind direction, city planning and landscape attractions, etc. The design of the house, its floors, configuration occur to some extent as a result of the influence of the external environment. Architecture of the home thus becomes a sign of confrontation, the metaphysical relationship between external and vnutrennego.Upotreblenie color has a great tradition in the formation of living environment. The role of diverse colors.

He can nullify a rehash of the building, if you use light colors. Color can be enhanced with architectural details or compositional theme on the building facade. By color can be distinguished facades, or a visual transformation of the volume or plane. At various times the color was a canonical tool of expression architectural style. Often the color scheme is a consequence of the use of certain building materials, having a characteristic color. The color composition and general color is important not only for the individual buildings but also for building. These funds can combine a large number of homes to maintain or create a well-known rhythmic structure. Color can form a distinction between residential groups and neighborhoods. In terms of mass Housing, residential aesthetic expressiveness depends on the perfection of construction. Therefore, understanding the principles of artistic house-building and optimization technologies to suit the aesthetic requirements retains its edge in the work of architects.

Mike Mitchell

Both children and adults to review it with enthusiasm and fun of it immediately went to the quote. Unobtrusively filed morality (which is rare for a family movie), a completely new interpretation familiar from childhood fairy-tale characters, dynamic plot and really unexpected plot twists have raised the bar for future extensions are very high. Well, that, without extensions cartoon caught in top five highest-grossing in the world, there will be no, it was clear immediately. Nevertheless, it appeared only three years later, and surprisingly, it was not worse, but in something and better than the original – is confident that all fans of the Cat-in-boots with me agree. Logical extension, new characters and funny invented by a team of developers of the first "Shrek", pleased the audience and forced to literally burst on the third film. Who made a different director. Maybe that's why he has not turned out so exciting, easy and mischievous, like predecessors? But it's not about him but about the fourth part. After the well is not that failure, but less successful third part, we had to somehow rehabilitated.

And here he is, "Schrek forever", shot by another director, Mike Mitchell. On the plot to avoid spoilers, we can only say that, and so we know from numerous billboards and commercials. Shrek, experiencing midlife crisis (or one of the crises of married life, psychologists, please fix!), makes a deal with some Rumpelshtiltshenom. Trick ogre does not expect at all: in fact he is offered only for a day return to their glorious Days offer a pure heart, because Shrek saved this funny little man, pulled out from under the cart tips over.


Social networks are a very effective way to look for work. Social networks have always existed, it’s finding work through individuals with whom we relate, although these contacts can also be used for any other purpose. Until a few years ago, when we talked about social networks we referred only to personal contacts, to relationships face to face. But with the massive use of Internet social networks by Internet or NETWORKING have also appeared. Online social networks have greatly increased in recent years, and today there are many who make NETWORKING (networking over the Internet).

These contacts may be for any purpose: to find a partner, to find people with the same hobby, or to find work. The generalist networks on the Internet that we all know are FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Then there are networks specializing in various topics. VIADEO, XING and LINKEDIN are most widely known in the Spanish speaking world to find work. Today, they are a powerful instrument that can not give up who is looking for a job.

You must not confuse social networks with the Internet portals where one can hang your resume waiting that any company is interested by him. The functions of social networks are different. Social networks also hangs our Curriculum, although not exactly as we do send it to apply for a job. What we expect in these networks is to establish beneficial relationships with other users. Indeed, social networks on the Internet have the same function as social networks face to face. Before that there were these networks we apuntasemos to a club or an association. Club or association will have its own purpose but a second purpose, not always explicit, is that their partners to interact among themselves. Today, online social networks, and specifically networks oriented relationships work or business, have that same purpose, but this time in a form well explicit. Its sole reason for being is that its users to interact among themselves. In social networks by Internet not face to face relationships are given that so important to sociologists. However, we can know the life and miracles of others sometimes better than the people with whom we interact face to face. And above all, who will tip on online social networks is to establish relationships, to help or be helped. The advantage that everyone can draw on these networks by Internet depends on your personality and your purpose. There are who don’t get any benefit and they are also increasingly those who found a job by this means. It is still early to know whether these networks by Internet will make a radical change in our way of relating or, simply, are a complement to the personal relations of life. But the best way of proving that benefits can bring us these networks by Internet is point to some of them and start using them. If your goal is to find a job, sign up for one that has that purpose.

Brand Image

Journalist technological Online Marketeer @juanquaglia one of the frequently forgotten important aspects at the time of starting a venture or undertaking is the creation of brand image. This is not surprising, since the concept of brand image is of use common among specialists in marketing and communicators, but unfamiliar to the public in general. The first aspect to consider is the fact that advertise your own product or service dryly and such which is isn’t a valid strategy. In the market, and through communication each entrepreneurship needs to differentiate itself, so bring a value added to that that offers. This added value is not another thing that the brand. Build a clear brand image makes it possible that consumers choose us from intangible attributes, hence the importance of forging a spirit or recognizable identity and attraction.

The ABC’s of web marketing today in day, all venture or Enterprise builds a space on the Internet. Website, blog and social networks are the most frequent resources and they can be already considered basic and unavoidable to achieve a presence of web marketing, since the competition you may have probably will be using them or plan to use them. Forward pointed out a series of tips to keep in mind in regards to branding on the Internet:-a coherent brand image. Since the presence of our brand will be distributed on many websites and supports, which may include those already mentioned (main web site, blog, social networking), more others (mobile, web applications, banners, mailing), is essential to maintain a consistency in communication. This consistency can be achieved from hallmarks of design (logo, typography, colors), as well as the wording (tone of communication, the text layout). -Seriousness is not always necessary, professionalism Yes. Internet users tend to distrust of the contents that are, and with reason. Whatever the activity or product that you offer and in particular in the case of let the purchase online, in the communication should prevail professionalism, so that the consumer is fully confident that it can rely on the prestige of the brand.

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We can reclaim the Vista without lenses, surgeries and medecines; but of 90% of the sufferings are cured. Thanks to a natural treatment the astigmatism, hipermetropia, the glaucoma, the cataracts, the estrabismo and other affections have solution. The nature has given five senses us to survive in the Earth, they are: the sense of smell, the taste, the tact, the ear and the most important Vista. This organ is affected by external factors of standard order like are it the solar radiations, the particles that are in the air and that the wind the power against our eyes and by artificial factors created by the man like the screens of the computers, determined types of illumination, chemical agents, etc. As much the natural factors as the artificial factors are cumulative. That is to say, the damages that cause are long term, are not perceived by us immediately.

One of the natural affections is the glaucoma or what is the same at sight pressure. Other affections are the myopia, astigmatism, hipermetropa, the estrabismo, at sight fatigue. All these problems have solution without surgeries, medicines, and lenses. Of natural form it will fortify and reclaim his eyes, it will return to see close by and of all the angles, forgetting the headaches, the reddened eyes and all those symptoms that are the cause of a bad vision. It is not necessary to forget that all the solutions for the life are in the nature is only necessary to know how to find them and to understand that the harmony and the natural balance are necessary and fundamental for a good physical and mental health. This one method has been elaborated with many years and hours of investigation and reading; you will find it here. We take care of our Planet! ; all the alive beings we depend on him and he of the behavior of all we inhabited that it. We do not alter its natural balance. I invite to you to visit the Digital Bookstore of where you will find articles of quality verified for your development spiritual personnel and: Health, Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Languages, Labor Exit and more.