Digital Cameras

Technical progress on the example of the digital cameras every progress the world of technology makes a little better. And this also applies to digital cameras. Digital cameras use digital technology to photograph. And it’s probably the best thing that happened to this day of photography. With digital cameras, taking pictures was easier, faster and more comfortable.

The fact that digital cameras have to appear triumphant, is lies in the fact that they are fundamentally different from all the previous models in photography. The old conventional cameras were completely dependent on the chemical and mechanical process of image creation. And they were uncomfortable to use. More than that, often enough they produced just bad pictures which were not satisfied users. All are waiting for a new, compelling technology. ALPA have overcome all borders after its introduction. The devices are made of samrter high-tech and are always ready for use.

You are so easy to use that even children will create excellent photographs can. You are so straightforward, you can incorporate quickly. they have become a piece of our modern time. There are simple compact cameras such as the Canon IXUS 130 and the Casio Exilim EX-H15 which are for less than 200 euros. In addition, there are of course many more, high-priced devices like SLRs for professional applications. Upstairs are no limits, as so often. Digital cameras have built-in sensors to electronically capture photos; so there is no system like the old days where they were forced to insert a “movie” in the camera. The photos themselves are stored in the camera on a memory chip. These images can subsequently be transferred to the computer or can be printed directly from the camera. In addition, you can delete photos that you do not like directly from the camera. Easy and comfortable. The digital technology is constantly evolving and improving daily. Nevertheless, the basic components of digital cameras similar to those of traditional cameras. As the conventional Cameras also feature high-quality lenses the digital cameras. These lenses focus the light to capture the desired image. The main difference is that the bundled light not on a part of a classic film role “is burned”, but on a semiconductor device that electronically processes the light. A built-in computer then processes the electronic information and distributes it on various digital information. All today’s digital cameras are the result of all the developments. If you want to buy a digital camera, it is to understand important at least the basics. You will be able to select the camera correct for you, if you answer a few simple questions. In particular it for future applications. You want to use your new camera for leisure use or should she be professional used? What exactly are you want to use your camera? You want to upload photos to the Internet? Then try the relevant forums on the Internet and price comparison portals to to get a better impression. In addition find almost every model test reports and recommendations and notes current users on the Internet. As a result, the selection process should be simplified significantly.


The story of how I bargained for unlimited skiing windsurfing in Egypt. Prior to this trip to Egypt I have not tried any surfing or windsurfing. But on the second day after my arrival I met with Ilya, who himself went and knocked me free to try what it is – windsurfing. In 15 minutes we were led up to date: told where the sail, rudder, rope, board, placed on a board on the water, given to hold the sail and catch the wind. By the way, I wrote a story using tips on how to write an article.

Then came the fun part: talking about money. Andrew (the so-called Arab who was the owner of the business to train surfing and windsurfing rentals) are well known Russian and tried to to convince us to take another 2 weeks of unlimited surfing. But to continue reading, you must first learn a few things about trading in Egypt. If you are in Egypt for the first time, in the first 2-3 days of your blood, from nose to keep from any purchases. The fact that in Egypt love to haggle. And if you were told the price, and you’re out of ignorance, no haggling, bought the thing for that price, then you will even be offended. Usually the first price (which he calls the vendor) is overestimated by 2-3 times (this does not apply to some supermarkets, where the price clearly marked on the price tag, there is not traded, but the price is still slightly above fair value).

And unless you svyknites with this idea, you will be “vparivayut” on all inflated prices (even taking into account the fact that you tried to bargain). So, we continue to talk about windsurfing in Egypt. Typically, the cost per hour for surfing swimming instructor standing in Sharm El Sheikh $ 35, $ 25 without an instructor. Us Andrew also suggested that “only” $ 200 to get unlimited surfing for 2 weeks (ie, you can swim whenever you want and how many you want). But I came to Egypt Hotel Sol Cyrene only a week (with a modest amount of cash to spend we have to Family certainly not going to wind surfing), so I had another offer – $ 150. I said that it is expensive and after several minutes of debate on the price of Andrew reduced the price to $ 130 + certificate windsurfer (like after this course I became an instructor in windsurfing). Andrew also passionately assured me that this price will be valid only today. If you are not convinced, visit Viacom. Since there is little customers, but he must have a business. And if tomorrow there will be more customers, then he has no sense to me to make such a tempting offer. I walked away from a direct answer “yes” or “no” on the pretext that I needed to consult with his wife. My friend arranged a price and it took a week of unlimited surfing for $ 130 (but their time and not out – he did not go windsurfing on the soul) …