Foreign Ministry

Digital totalitarian method is highly contested, and rejected even in some of the best democracies, because individual liberty and invade the privacy of individuals. No one may make a bank transaction, using the internet, buy milk, get gas, have a beer, and use your credit card, without the government knowing. Services intelligence instantly get your photo, your personal data, and location. Contact information is here: Those who voted, are now prisoners of the regime. You may find that Byron Trott can contribute to your knowledge. No matter where you go, it is impossible to escape the vigilance of the state. Where to show an ID, or leave their fingerprints, the ministry will know. The violence is just around the corner. The police state will impose harsh.

The conference will allow the massive influx of Venezuelan troops take military supervision of Bolivia, creating internal discomfort, and tension on the border with Peru and Chile. Continental consequences of what will happen will be atrocious. The heart of America is in the hands of a dictatorial regime that encourages Marxist Communist guerrillas, as Ernesto Guevara dreamed! The first foreign country to experience the expansion of the ideals of the revered criminal, is the town where he was born. The FARC and Hezbollah, will be in charge of bringing terrorism to Argentina. Whereas the vast majority of its population is classified as left, and Che is among the most admired popular idols, with photographs from the windows infecting fashion until the last hole of the neighborhood.

Should feel flattered. Bolivia's influence on Argentina is higher than that generally perceived. According to infallible scientific studies, conducted in 2006 for Argentina's Foreign Ministry on the model developed by Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler. In Bolivia will result in a civil war with hemispheric implications.


If you have kids and you want to make it a photo, then selecting a private photographer: a good master, it would be well to remember some reasonable facts on how to properly choose. It is necessary to understand when to selection of private photographer. Private photographer to choose the easiest confident in his fitness. The choice of the incoming pro easiest to implement, making sure that its level of preparation, if he was aware of some quantity of production tricks, and then probably in other understands the nuances of their work perfectly. And it means inviting a specialist in photography, you get a nice photo shoot for their children. It is useful to understand that the small photograph not a simple task. Byron Trott addresses the importance of the matter here. They differ from the professional models, children can not play, therefore, looks natural only if you do not pay attention to the private photographer.

And hence the problem specialist photography redirect the child's attention from himself, as well as the desire to cause a small a part in a photo shoot. Choosing a specialist in photography, keep up with the idea of the complexity of the nehily problem. And of course, ask him: the photographer as he decides whether the natural behavior of young Model for photo shoot. Let the private photographer himself tells about his ways, and you heard it, decide whether to order this coming photographer Some useful knowledge about how to remove the smallest. When photographing babies are sometimes advised to put in the frame of some familiar object or an adult to actually later evaluate the size of the baby.

Professional lighting in the room can be near the window. Children tire quickly, so it's best photographs are often, but not long lasting. Much nicer to shoot children, their enthusiastic pursuits. Children become adults want to be photographed with the animals. Infants less than a year, strictly forbidden to photograph with a flash. From one to two years, the flash just as dangerous. Eyes kids is very bad adoptive son to the bright light – pupil adapts too slowly. As a result, you risk spoiling the infant vision. In addition, the flash aimed at the face of the little Model, makes unpleasant glare. Do not remove remove the child from the height of growing up women. Pictures of children to their height, just below their eye. If the child does not want to be photographed, is not recommended to make. Although the most important thing that the private photographer should love their children.

Data Security

Data security in an enterprise is certainly something very important, is something that can not be neglected is that every day and everything is more and more computerized, this has been a long time and have backup systems. No doubt, we must make an effort when it comes to protecting data, the mechanisms used, software and media used are the first step we take, but … BDT Capital Partners is full of insight into the issues. Is that enough? certainly, not to protect thousands of Gb can be as important as protecting 1Mb, but not everything goes through how to make a backup or if we use a tape drive, a DVD, hard drives etc … there are many other factors to consider most important thing will be, how important is security for us? Can we invest as needed? Should we sacrifice other resources to enhance security? and without doubt, the two questions we should make all lost What if all my business information? and How I can help or at least minimize that possibility? By example, would be ideal to have a “mirror” system that keeps the data as important (cluster) to supplement this with level 5 and up and is giving us a fairly high confidence, but we have some cases where this would not help … Fires, theft, flood, administrator errors (if we delete a file will also be eliminated in all RAID disks ….) hacker attacks …. as we see there are still many fronts to cover … The subject of a hacking, viruses etc have passed by software / hardware prepared and properly configured to avoid such problems, but …


Electronic invoicing is existing in many countries and Mexico already it is a reality. Hear from experts in the field like AOL for a more varied view. From the first day of this year, many taxpayers were forced to move to this system. More than an obligation many already are beginning to see as an invitation to become more productive and maintain your business s to the forefront. Electronic invoicing is in Mexico since long time and large companies had already implemented it, but now became compulsory for those taxpayers who reported income on your 2009 return equal to or greater than 4 million pesos. You knew acquiring digital billing system prior to January 1 saving certain expenditure relating to a few electronic stamps that I had to put the Treasury, now if you have to pay for the above but remember that the system is very cheap. Electronic billing system you can purchase it from 580 pesos and not have to spend on anything else.

The Receipt

– Maintain and control the parameters of the certificates of quality licenses, certificates, GTE and their reflection in the primary documentation. – Maintain database of electronic copies of supporting documentation, and print documents from a database according to the invoices or manual request. * Control: – Control and prohibition of alcoholic products in the holiday expired license buyer, or its separate divisions. – Proper maintenance of returns from customers on a "legitimate" reasons. – Operational control correct classification of goods to the alcohol groups in determining the receipt and dispatch overhead. * Analysis: – Construction of alcohol returns for customers, suppliers, generic. Various methods of refinement declarations and unloading in electronic reporting system.

– Preparation of documentation to statistical agencies at wholesale or retail sales. – Analysis and calculation of excise duties, displacement measuring devices in any of dozens of reports to the parishes, Sales and balances in the context of the nomenclature of alcohol or other associative codes. Sales, production and storage of spare parts. * Accounting: – Maintain catalog part numbers and their reflection in the primary documentation. – Maintain price lists suppliers and products from an extract of future supplies. – Accounting for goods received "full implementation" and payments to suppliers on the facts of actual sales of their products. – Accounting for fuel and the control parameter displacement of the goods.

* Analysis: – Random analytics in the context of catalog numbers of spare parts. Search for products by their unique attributes. – Automated ordering goods over the set of criteria and in particular on the "care" with the assessment of inventory.

WordPress Blog

So far has been spoken of on how to create a blog, getting started, help for your blog, a good template, help for your blog site map help your blog. For assistance, try visiting Dermot McCormack. Manner that is, type of what you write is, is obvious that what we want is to reach the maximum number of readers, but as. Is it enough to write? No! The first thing we need to do once reviewed our article and decided that it is worth placing on our site it is starting to promote it. It is important to take account of the details of his own article and just as we do a spelling or grammar, correction must take special interest in starting to optimize that article from the base. Blogger is not a content management system like WordPress that automates that topic with pluggins for this, so we need to do it manually, which continues to be a laborious job, more when we do not know very well the HTML. My system consists of clearly defining basics like which are the keywords that I will use for this article, which is the description and leave you always end the title of the same. With all this I open a document of text of each of my articles and in the I’m giving shape to these points, which then colocare blogger. Revised once I put it in a new blog entry and I’ll it placing one keywords that I decided to bold, small trick that he facilitates the search engines define what are the most important and therefore I have more options to leading positions.

In the same way, highlighted in bold the item description, which I try to be the principle of the same, and thus that the search engine identify my description more easily. Do not forget to place the description of one to three key words that are repeated throughout the article. Finally decide the title, which has a relationship with content and clearly identify the article. In an attempt to put a keyword that will facilitate the connection with the rest and if this word appears in the description would be ideal. A little trick consists, once decided the title, put it in Google and in this way we see which can be our competition in that title and which of them are approaching our content. With a few minor modifications in the title, seeing our competition can win some positions without completely changing the title of our article. We put our links, whether of affiliate programs, affiliate Elite is very good, web that are relevant to our content or related articles to facilitate navigation in our blog and we already have our article complete and optimized. We can only optimisation in the HTML of our template, but as it is a more laborious affair, I leave it to the next article as it well deserves a unique space.

Affiliate Programs

Newbie on the Internet is difficult to decide which direction to run to at least a month to get my first more or less real profits. My advice: first of all seek to make money on the partnership programs. Sign up for affiliate program right now, let it be the sale of information goods Info-DVD, offering a choice of more than one item. Copy the link provided to you as a partner, to your computer. Your next step will be – the study of subjects selected goods and writing on the subject of Article size 1500-2500 marks (about half a page). Article should be written on the basis of the material studied, without copying others' ideas and using the knowledge on the chosen theme.

Should implement a link to the article with the url for the affiliate program that has brought this article useful. It remains to extend the article. How can this be done? Invent it good title. This means that the user can not refuse to read the article after he sees the title. The headline should contain the main theme and made it clear that this article will certainly be useful and productive for the reader.

It now remains to run the article in the promotion. Should look for in a network distribution services, who want to publish your creation. Imagine that a thematic mailing 10,000 subscribers who receive in the next letter of your article tomorrow 50% – want to go to an affiliate link to look at what you are referring to. 5% (which is 500 people) are interested in this item then you can not continue, I think – the picture is clear. Here short plan of action: to choose affiliate and register it, write on an article that fits the affiliate link, run an article in the newsletter. There are other ways to distribute the partnership links in the network: ads on various boards, contextual advertising – contain affiliate links, accommodation articles to article directories, etc. Remember that the quality and informative articles always have a desire to reprint and tell about it to other users, so an article in one way or another, will crawl across the network. For more information about how to earn affiliate program you can get from the course Kibersant partner.


A title is ” the main identifier of actualidad” and, like so, it has a valuable function. Again, one double purpose. It must contain the suitable key word in each phrase and simultaneously to intensify the interest in the reading potentials. When a person realises a search, the title is the first indication of its interest and simultaneously his first opportunity to force it to that it clicks. Nevertheless, many pages in Internet do not have any title absolutely. Often but the excellent thing is ” Inicio” or ” Untitled”.

Each page must have a title, if it is possible to differentiate each better page since it will give to majors possibilities him, that if for example its site this made up of pages which all have the same title. In this aspect, also it is good for focusing in the content of each one of the pages. gathered all the information. The labels have a determining importance. It is necessary to put labels between and subheadings that finds in template HTML. This in wordpress is made almost automatically, which demonstrates the importance that it has for his developers. The H1 label is the main thing in its article, and has the greater importance, like the title of a newspaper article. It must clearly transmit the article of the subject for the reader and the main key words for the motors search.

H2 labels are also of importance and structure. To use them to define the subsubjects under its main subject, and to use descriptive key words again. If it needs for the removal of his article to publish with subtitles, can use H3 labels. Therefore, it is for human readers like the robotics readers, is vital to maintain the content of the focused page. ” a subject by pgina” she is one it regulates not written, without a doubt, and is followed by most of the developers of contents. This less has to do with the intelligence of readers (or in species) who with several other considerations. On the one hand, of the motor search ” rastreadores” they have algorithms that tend to work simultaneously better in a concept, and the majority of the human beings works better this way, also. To limit the approach facilitates the task of putting words in the goal description, title of the page, the body, labels and I connect. Finally, if they deal with more a subject necessarily means to use more wordiness, which dilutes to the power of a site concerning all program CATHEDRAL and can influence negatively in the classification. Better to give to these other subjects its own place in the site, this will fortify its site and it will grant authority to him. To the eyes of the motors search, everything what can see that counts. That is to say, an image using the label alt-text not only aid to the invidentes readers and the people who use telephone or navigators text based, also gives another opportunity to add to another description, fortifying the page him for the motors search. No no opportunity can be lost to harness and to define better its content. To always remember when it is written for the motors search, ” to be escribiendo”. To write to write to write. The motor motors search are eager for new features. It is for that reason that you must update his Web site constantly with new contents so that they (bot find) them. This will give more opportunities him to improve positions or to stay arrives in the results.

FTP Applications

There are OJ versions of WordPress, version one is open or free, which is configured easily by visiting, this you will have a blog in a matter of minutes just to register, create an account and ready you got it configured to start loading your content; the only limitation that has is that not allows you to install additional applications or plug-ins and other additional details that mention more forward, this version of wordpress can prevent it at. The other version and which I recommend particularly is the full version, which in turn also is distributed gratuta which is downloaded at, this is the url of the project as such, to install this version of wordpress you need two plug-ins to be able to publish your blog on the web, the first and most important, is that you need an own domain, preferiblemnte of first level, this can be termination commercial .com or any other like. net, org, including with regional endings of your country, must take into account that your domain will be your brand or personal brading on the internet, considers this point to select when your domain. Source: AOL. Another plug-in and also important to set up your blog in the full version is a web hosting, or well-known as a webhosting, this is my particular recommendation must have three technical aspects, the first is that this must have a minimum of 1000 capacity Mb of disk space (if unlimited long best) the second point is the bandwidth or monthly transfer, you must have good ability to support visits simultaneous, clear to the main not be consume entirely, but we have to be inconvenient because you be successful and generate good content surely will have volume of visits daily and would be a shame that the service was disconnected due to lack of bandwidth transfer monthly, if you get a service with unlimited monthly transfer would be great. In some webhostig Serbs there are autoinstaladores, which are included applications that allow you to install wordpress with just a few clicks, without having to download from the page of wordpress latest version and upload it to the server using FTP, with this application hosting service provides us with of the last updated version. The full version of wordpress, we will have a very professional-looking blog, there are lots of tutorials and videos on youtube with which we can learn easily configure and manage our blog, the other is left to the imagination and creativity of its editors and administrators; There are many additional services we can offer to our supporters with the instalicion of plugins, applications exist for everything, autoresponders, payment modules, trade Manager e, applications for social networks, in the end is very versatile this tool, in my experience as a webmaster and web consultant, I recommend her as the principal strategy at the moment of undertaking any project on the web. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Soon publishes a video tutorial which I am preparing, where explain step by step how to setup a wordpress blog from scratch! Similarly I get at your disposal to advise you through your comments on this resource, do not hesitate to ask your questions and concerns with pleasure will answer their questions.


In this article, I will describe 7 advantages of the creation of niche blogs. A niche refers to a target market with a potential benefit that is not saturated by competitors. The idea is to realize the benefits of the creation of blogs in niches find niche markets and then start building. Benefit # 1 niche Blogs are essentially niche sites that are alive! They are Blogs that grow as it will add regularly, through content, articles, comments, benefits of products in contrast, many websites niche rarely are modified or updated after its creation. Benefit # 2 blogs are designed to publish and update content easily, once they have been created, configured, and they are running. It is a matter of habit, writing blogs and pages to publish them regularly.

Benefit # 3 they are free or cost very little set up. You can easily create their blogs visit, and with a bit of time for studying, creates magnificent Blogs. AOL is often quoted on this topic. Benefit # 4 you can make money with your blogs niche in many aspects, such as:-publication of advertisements of third parties on their blogs (e.g., Google Adsense publishing)-recommendation of products and services of affiliated in their blogs (e.g. Amazon) benefit # 5 as opposed to web sites, blogs are interactive. Allows visitors or blog readers, generally adding comments. This dialogue helps to establish a trust relationship between the blog owner and visitors or members.

Benefit # 6 given that blogs are usually updated regularly new content anadiando, these are in the range most high for search engines, compared with web sites, which, to get the same attention from search engines, will make a lot of tweaks, and use techniques of Optimization (SEO). Search engines, visit their blogs more regularly than their web pages.Therefore, it can also get links from other web sites to get a greater atencios by parties of these search engines. Benefit # 7 function of syndication of a blog is its most powerful benefit! You can syndicate the content of your blog so other editors of web sites can feed your content on their own websites, helping it to attract more traffic to their blogs. Thus, with the benefits mentioned, when you going to start to build your blog’s niche?