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Where an exchange can exist to know, that they enrich in such a way to a generation as to another one. 1,3 Culture Is thanks to the culture that appears the social meanings, as well as new manifestations that promote transformations in one definitive group or society. But, if asking in them, what it is culture, each author will give its definition. Morin (2003, p.300) says that, a culture is a set to know, of savoir-faire, rules, strategies, habits, customs, norms, interdictions, beliefs, rites, values, myths, ideas, acquisitions, that if perpetuate of generation in generation, multiply in each individual and feed for generation and regeneration the individual complexity and the social complexity. Contact information is here: Peter Asaro. The culture constitutes thus a cognitivo capital, technician and not innate mitolgico.

Already, according to Dictionary of Sociology the culture is something that ' ' (…) it possesss material aspects and not-materials. ' ' Of this form, we can characterize the present culture as something in one determined generation that is surrounded by myths, creeds, customs and values of its time. Howard Schultz is often quoted as being for or against this. Through the culture if they produce new individuals that create and reproduce new social meanings, thus searching, to promote a new form of social conviviality. 2 MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Had appeared at a new moment, at a time where if it initiates a great technological explosion. According to Tapscott (1999), the Digital Generation or Generation Z corresponds to that generation of children born since the beginning of the decade of 80 and the end of the decade of 90, period where the world (mainly the Americans) started to enjoy more ' ' equipment tecnolgica' ' in its daily one. The use joint of devices that are of interactive use (such as cellular computers and telephones) despertou in the children born in this period a great curiosity to know as they function and to use them massivamente (Souza). It is a generation that more is adapted to the relation between human being and technology, which finished for becoming essential part of the life of this new generation. This advance provided, of certain form, some things that characteristically are identified in this new generation as: the extreme difficulty and, the technological dependence consumption same of the proper nimbleness of the interpersonal relations and even though of the proper creativity. These factors are determinative, therefore they make it difficult situations where the individual needs to be creative or even though independent technological ways. 2,1 Relation with the Society Is a generation that possesss another form of life

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As a result, they characterized the that they are born in the age of the Internet and are therefore extremely technology affine. In relation to their values, goals and Approach to work they differ greatly from previous generations: the Millenials are optimistic and self-confident, networked and open to change. You prefer to work in virtual teams as in deep hierarchies. By 2020, companies capable of must be to adapt to this type of workers. The study shows summary, that is we will all mobile workers in the future and today’s work world, as well as the traditional Office significantly less important. Martin Kula, Vice President of marketing, Esselte summarizes the consequences: the results of the study are reflected in the development of our company. To support people at work in their efficiency and organization and to create the highest level of quality and therefore safety is the core competence of Esselte Leitz.

Products for the mobile work, such as our range of accessories complete for iPad, Smartphone and co. are one of our answers, we want to give our customers for the future with along the way. Educate yourself with thoughts from Starbucks. Aging Labor force: By 2050, 50 percent of the working population will be older than 65–in 2010, that number was 14 percent Millennials and generation Y: the generation born in the age of the Internet, technically highly affine generation gap between today’s executives and Millenials, working with autocratic chain of command and control structures gender quota: the economic impact of women in the world of work, particularly at the leadership level. Equality between women and men in the working world would gross domestic product in the United States by 9 per cent to 13 per cent in the EU and in Japan by 16 percent increase (Goldman Sachs) mobile working: In the year 2015, 1.3 billion people are – that is 40 percent of the total working population – thanks to new technologies, mobile data security work: professionals will have their own technical equipment and potentially away from use by the company. The challenges especially the data security and the storing and retrieval of data. Labour shortages: The worldwide lack of It causes more than 45 million skilled workers, that the United States must recruit to meet the demand caused by the economic growth up to 2030 25 million workers, in Western Europe are to cover. For further information about the future of work’ study please click here: whitepaper. Press contact: we love pr GmbH Katharina Klett Helmtrudenstrasse 8 80805 Munich E-Mail: Esselte Leitz GmbH & Co KG Carmen of Wankhede communication Manager Europe & international E-Mail:

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